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Official case in the Pacific Northwest. What to make of it? Well, here's comas. Abby, a Cockney CDC expects the new variant to become the dominant very in the U. S. By March. Well, it's no more deadly. It is much more transmissible, and it serves as an urgent reminder to redouble our efforts to take of the 19 seriously and reduce our risk of exposure as much as possible. This very it has been identified in several other states across the country and work is being done locally at U Dub to monitor for the various doctors. I interviewed one who encourage those who are already taking the right precautions like masking and distancing. But for those who are holding gatherings, especially large gatherings or traveling doctors hope news about this variant is a wake up call. We worry in public health and medicine about the variance because what we're learning is that if people are sloppy if they're in perfect if folks get lazy, or if they just get tired of doing it with the virus will take advantage of that. That was Dr Paul Pottenger, an infectious disease professor. The U. Dub School of Medicine, he says. Other variants, maybe circulating right now as well. Kindergarten. Kids return for face to face instruction Starting today in the Tacoma School district, as we hear from Cuomo's Carleen Johnson, they're coming back in. Small groups of the teachers can space desks apart two days a week at school than remote learning the other days I needed. Roth is the principle of Mary Lyon Elementary, telling the Tacoma News Tribune. Teachers are excited to have their students coming back, very eager. They want to be bad. But that's a coma Education Association says the district is rushing. The return with covert case is still too high, and union leaders have been urging members to call the district and complain. Marty Lund is a special ed teacher at Mary Lyon. His students are encouraged but not required to wear masks, watching them play again on the playground. They just almost brought me to tears several times. Just it made me so happy to see preschool students will come back January 25th and 1st and 2nd graders on February 8th. District has purchased more than a million dollars in personal protective equipment. Carleen Johnson Come Oni, a bill be considered in the state Senate would create clear guidelines and requirements for getting students back into the classroom. They'd lays out specific metrics to determine how prevalent the virus is in school district's. Once covert activity drops below a certain threshold, then district would be required to offer an in person learning option. Here's Republican Senator John Brown of Centralia. The state's responsibility to provide the basic education to Children around the state left the importance of local control. That we have some standard that says that this this point everybody has to provide some means of in person schooling. The bill is still in committee, but it does have bipartisan support. The Thurston County Sheriff's Department police dog, Arlo, who was shot last week during a chase has been welcomed home. Veterinarians in Oregon performed multiple surgeries on Arlo. This chase happened last Wednesday night, His deputies were pursuing an armed driver on I five South into grand Mound. In the moments after the chase ended, gunfire erupted and left both the suspect and Arlo wounded. Deputy say are those injuries to his neck and shoulders will leave him with arthritis and thus he won't be able to return to active duty. Homo news time a 10 Now to the Beacon Plumbing, Sports desk, and Tom Hudler. Less than a month is expected to spring training camp will start in Arizona and Florida, and fans are hoping before too long. The least Mariner fans are to get the chance to see Highly touted prospect that actually yesterday. Baseball America releasing its top 100 Prospect list that includes five Mariners, including two among the top five outfielders, Jose Julio Rodriguez, rather at number three And Jared killed That kid number four. The club's beginning. It's too weak virtual baseball bash on various social media platforms. Today another baseball news Mets, They fired general manager Jerry Jared Porter and on August 9th. He and the reporter were in Chicago at Wrigley Field. E think I.

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