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Team over the Max Maxie consider the paying out the quickly over three let's quickly put the cats on that card call cut short quickly put cats of seventy one to sixty one there and they going to rally to beat Vanderbilt seventy eight to sixty four menu quickly ended up point eighteen points lasted Hagens chipped in eleven the cats go to nineteen and five say believe over the Vanderbilt Commodores led the doors with twenty points is a faulty nine and fifteen this is after course Vandy had that big win against Ellis you really put them on the map their head coach Jerry Stackhouse and what went wrong yesterday sharks whose talk game and tough second half force we start off the game pretty good energy really good focused and in the second half we just kind of got away from us a little bit there guess the team I Kentucky you have to be really really good and I don't think we really good in the second half but we will continue to work it will continue to get better next up Kentucky will host Ole miss will Vanderbilt will visit Florida both those games on Saturday tonight on seven ninety W. K. our day it's been throwing global taking on a Georgia tech in the A. T. L. the cardinals won a season high ten in a row there are twenty one and three on the season but they face a Georgia tech team coached by Josh passed through understands that when you commit turnovers the league like the ACC it won't get you far as he's pointing out this year you you can't turn it over like we did because we did it in a in a league like this and when the games maybe in some other leisure able do it but I just honestly if you have twenty two turnovers it's almost impossible to win in this league is too good to do that and I can be a problem against a team like the local cardinals that's for sure again we'll get going at six thirty on seven ninety W. K. R. D. let's take a look at boys high school basketball locally here is some rankings when action last night it was number two male getting the best of the sales barely sixty nine to sixty two but it was an upset number three Ballard Bruins fall in overtime to Henry Clay eighty five to seventy two meanwhile number for John Hardin gets by over bogs down by five seventy five to seventy and it went to overtime that a Taylor County is number Elizabeth prevails at ninety eight to ninety other scores from around the region quickly but we're.

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