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Dollar reward not being offered for tips leading to the driver's arrest in this case police have released surveillance video and the car involved is this should be a a dark four door sedan traveling south on grand the time of the crash we have the video of the crash you can see by going to our website okay and extend seventy dot com the former city manager Montebello is asking for more than twelve million dollars are being forced to leave her job friends Ceska Tucker Skyler was placed on administrative leave in twenty seventeen because of a whistleblower lawsuit over alleged fake betting scheme according to the Pasadena star news she claims she was then wrongfully terminated arguing retaliation and discrimination she also says the city breached her contract LA county often has trouble finding a place to put a winter shelter for homeless people in Long Beach but not this year the shelter will open on schedule December first ten for the first time in many years it'll be at near downtown an old industrial building on city property a couple blocks from self PCH will be open from five PM to seven AM just like in previous years no walk ins will be allowed homeless people will be a bust to the one hundred bed shelter from designated pick up points secures ledge Twitter had foreign spa is working for a complaint unsealed in a California federal court alleges the spies were working for the Saudi Arabia government documents say the employees looked up personal information for thousands of people who criticize the Saudi Arabian government and then gave it to the Saudis the employees were allegedly rewarded with the designer watch and tens of thousands of dollars one of the accused has fled to Saudi Arabia with his family Twitter says you cooperated with the investigation and it restricts access to sensitive account information to a limited number of trained and vetted employees family Valdez can extend seventy newsradio seven fifty you can access let's get a check on your money now sponsored by opus bank yours right below deck good morning California utility giant Pacific gas and electric reporting eye popping losses driven by the catastrophic wildfires in northern California the room blamed on the utilities out data transmission lines Pacific gas electric expects those costs could escalate to as much as six point three billion dollars P. Jeannie did file for bankruptcy this year to deal with about thirty billion in liabilities from the wildfires that it's a quick and might have ignited in twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen including the wildfire last November that essentially wiped out the northern California town of paradise and killed eighty five people the gene all.

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