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But you talk about you talk about las tweet last tweet man who knows like to come inside my mind lake like this is very when before can say what they think you know you hear about that mike you hear about the last mcgregor did with Could be it. Could be had mentioned. And i've if you don't mind me talking about a day it's okay yeah. Kabaeva had mentioned psych. It's it's it's good over evil when he was fighting. Portia when cook when mcgraw pouria a and he says good will always prevail and then You know conner. Conner's crazy as he. He rose man is good versus evil with been about along the lines. That kind of covert kind of took your dad in that sense like going below the belt. You know what i'm saying. Why completely but something. That i will say about that. Your dad has always said that at one time at one point he would invite conor mcgregor to a barbecue. Like my my my was like different level about like this situation. He always like his heart was like so like clean. You know and the like when he talked about this in all only evil can talk about your father like y kids religion like if you normal like human the you never gonna talk about this stuff you know like for me is like show. I think he posted this tweet. Like drunk too much or do something you and the next day i think and he always deleted his and i think when he become a normal life in his would. I did like he did. This is my opinion. What do like all the time. Yeah how would you take that mike. How would you take that for you know. Obviously we gotta sell the fight. But there's a limit man there's a hey man you you know a listen Talking about people's dads and co woods. Listen the perishing is no In this business everything else. Everything goes komo in the fight. Everything goes no. I agree when you if you wanna promote the fight by a lake when when someone is not with us you know he's not even i think this is like come on. This is showing what you have inside. This is show your like how dirty you are like. This is show like when you come when you when one of the best in the world and you'll come in you punch someone like seventy seven years old. Go like old man. This is show your heart. This is show who you are inside. How dirty you are you know. And you know like When you have parents innuendo you have kids how you can show yourself like this. I don't understand why his clothes people don't tell him. Hey can i give you. I just want to know from your perspective. Obviously there's something about mike that i will say that. He's you've reconciled with everybody. Mike from lennox lewis over. Couldn't another theft of kill me. Having to greg not like informatics a lot of energy the energy everybody. My kids grandparents white cousins estimates people. I loved the with ends of fucking scumbag. Wanna do a couple of years. They got me in that. Ibm jaylen should not today. Yeah so he he said could be beat. Mike doesn't hold grudges. It's too much into hold grudges are you are you out. That grudge a stage with mcgregor. That's okay man. We're all human dude. It's okay to fill a little animosity towards somebody but you think you'll ever let it go You know. I think i think I think lake one of the biggest reason why i become champion. I think this is about my mental How i can come pull my emotional you know. I think i can control anything. Anything happened with me in the world. I can control this. I can handle this. You know and i know a lot of people like i remember when of when i'm supposed to fight with him like like coach. Tell me hey you you have to focus. You know like and i was like coach. I'm focused you say. Oh you call home mukul. France said no. i'm good. This is normal for me useful after like thirty minutes. You'll biggest fight in your life because fight near. He's sort of become your call. Your friends on form. Like i said coach. Don't worry everything is good. I'm good i'm relaxed. And when time comes. I'm gonna show you what do you what do you think. What do you think. Conor mcgregor is missing in his life. Lee what do you think is You say if you had to pinpoint one thing when you become rich winning become famous Some people they lose real real people around him they lose them because Because real people who love you they're gonna tell you true but fake people they always say. Oh you good you good you good you like. They never satan say to nothing because they don't want to upset you because they know they're going to lose this comfortable but but but real people. They don't care about this they was. They was with you before you become famous and rich and they don't care about your money they don't care about your fame they just love you and they when they say to you through. You don't like this because of your ego. You know and i think he loses a lot of people in team. Yeah just my opinion. I don't think he have like people who was with him before when he become champion and the everybody needs someone who remind you. Hey you're doing this. This is bad. This is good. This is bad this is life. You don't need yes men. You don't need people they just to just by. Obviously you've been there mike. What's your take on what he just said. Mike i people are men who like monkeys high. We get the more we show. Ads said again a monkey. The high we get the more we show. I asked people like this with most of the people like this is not everybody but most most most of the people i have like. I'm i'm i'm liking this life. Honestly i think i think Blake old people who own me. They was like when beginning. When i was like nobody they was was made like right now. They still with me know. I am very happy about this brotherhood. Max i know these guys like my you talk about our brotherhood. I learned a lot of that from ali. Man like you know like the do. They're just like brothers man like you know. Talk about a little bit about your your your your support system and like if talking about ali like i i met him lakes autozone fourteen before i become injured like after the we had like very very hard to years..

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