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Each travel with stephanie. Abrams on the line with me. Live from donegal harvey's points and you can check them out at harvey's point dot com. But if you're too busy to jot it down and you don't remember later you can always go to s abrahams s. a. b. r. a. m. s. dot net and you will find links to the websites of all of our guests in the show notes. And if you went to the podcast you'd find the same thing so you have a link to take your right over to their website. You can learn more so you were down. Nile in tipperary was it. Is that what you said. I'm i'm originally from tipperary but by previous property that i manage his adult. I'd stand at killarney and you were there. How long. I was there for two. And a half years at killarney. Dan carey beautiful parts of the world as we all know. Oh yeah oh just ask jimmy dean and tell you so and you can see jimmy. Demand people In the episode. I'm going to say maybe twenty one or twenty two. It's twenty one celebrating. Saint patrick's day and marconi ballybunion day in county kerry And jimmy's picture is the part of the thumbnail That is the little icon promoting that episode. So what did you do before you were. Dow in the carney. Well before that. I worked for a group called hastings so talented. Yeah yeah. I know where the base tell me there in the north. So we did you work at. I was in the sleeve. Donald resorts when in magnificent newcastle county. Down yet twenty. Nine miles from belfast. Where is where we're What years were you there. So i was there in my god where i was there i i. I moved from the sleep. Donner d- to collado hotel to sister. Property fast i was there. Xix home. the archbishop's house. So when will you with us right. Honored i was with the hastings group for a total of four years altogether and was back in two thousand and seventeen. I joined a group. And i went to sleep on it. Okay so i don't. I think any anything i well. I got to meet an interview. The general manager who followed john toner and then belgium yes. That's the name steven i worked with. Stephen okay well. I interviewed him and i want to say that was two thousand fourteen and the reason i think. Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe it was later than that. It had to be later than that. It was the year it was the reason. I'm saying it was october. Fourteen whatever year. It was never tell me anything you want me to forget by the way catch more people october fourteen. I can't tell you what year it was. I have to go back and look that up. Ayman o'cuiv who is aiming deva layers grandson. And if you don't know irish history people go look up. Oh better still. Don't look up. Go find the film. Michael collins and the part of aim and de valera is played by alan rickman and the part of michael collins is played by liam neeson's and that will give you insights into what the troubles in ireland where they came from what they were all about and the formation and debut of the republic of ireland and the partition of six counties of ireland going into northern ireland called in part of the uk and the rest of ireland being the republic. So go see the film. Michael collins but ayman de valera who was a past president of the republic of ireland and Michael collins who was general of the ira the irish republican army Aiming his grandson aiming o'cuiv is a member of Irish government t td from connemara in galway. And he was speaking at the saint patrick's center in county down in downpatrick and we went. We were staying at the sleeve. Russell and kevin and we drove that night that afternoon. Up to donegal To downpatrick county down and say the evening to see the the the presentation and whatnot and you can see parts of that in episode five of travel. Tv was stephanie. Abrams called celebrating. Saint patrick in northern ireland. And you'll see aiming o'cuiv on the stage and he wears these little round spectacles which is exactly the kind his grandfather ama- devil era would have worn and his features such think it's aiming devil era standing on the stage it's really ghostly but in any event i interviewed howard as things i don't know how many times and the first time was in march of two thousand two and we've stayed at the sleeve diner dozens of times and the colliding and in fact we spent new year's eve Two thousand one at the colliding and got piped into dinner with the paper was grant. And so you know. I know howard hastings and his wife phillipa pippa. And i actually. He asked me if i were arrange a lovely place for him to stay in manhattan in october two thousand and two when he and his wife were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary and they both have birthdays in october. And they were both turning forty and that was two thousand and two next year will be twenty years since i played personal travel agent for him and called a friend who owns a hotel and got him a gorgeous sweet for a week but yeah i mean well i know and interestingly when we got locked down for five months in ireland in twenty twenty between march sixteenth and july we didn't get till july twentieth but between march sixteenth and july fourth. We were staying up the road that you would turn left at the corner Awful man. So when you go on the eight to along the irish sea and you're going north and the irish sea is on your right and you're just north of larne northern ireland. You'll come to ballygawley castle hotel. Which i don't know if it's still owned by the hastings group but it used to be and that road is karen castle road. You make a left and go to the top of the hill. And that's on the corner is where the house was. We rented for all those months..

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