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So i remember people would meet they would see me after they had met him and there'd be like what's his problem like why if you jerk and i would be like oh no like like you sell to tone for just a couple of minutes and they're like yeah they're like yard leaving at high and i'm like no i swear to you i promise it's he's so shy that it comes in it's so humble that it can come across the wrong way if you're not careful now we're try to like tell him that sometimes anyways i've done is like i'm just me man i only be me and that two years but sometimes people would be put off by it and i'm like no no no like he's the nicest guy in the world it's just he's nathalie so sometimes not that sometimes unfortunate aspect of some people that would meet them think that i'm like you're crazy if you think that and i roll didn't you follow him if i did i why and how does that go how to how how does it go from following a guy who is a nazi and the heisman and then next fall canal you're up i have a soft spot my heart for every quarterback that follow heisman trophy winner because it's firstly impossible like expectations they're off the chart but here's the other crazy thing when i when i went to florida state the plan was for me to register and then sit out two years and then get to play for two years so i would have had three years on the sideline and watch and which i desperately need it ruutel young and green and dumb i had no idea what i was doing it for state but we get there one of our quarterbacks was actually another sport guy named kenny fell there he decides to go pro baseball pro baseball so these program there's another guy who was a four five dollars croup his name was jeff mccrone and he had some shoulder problems so he actually ended up like getting shelved and never play football again so we've me and i'm like the only scholarship quarterback left of roster and charlie.

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