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The christian bail and michael keaton movies took up the top five while the new justice league movie starring ben affleck came in eleven th out of the thirteen movie oh woman gus i know what was last batman and robin sure victory ma her o r ever that was worth reverend tommy lee jones lukoil jim carey and jim carey in tommy lee jones hated each other alot okay for rail has recorded a song called 100 years which true to its name be released for a hundred years what it's part of a campaign to raise awareness for climate change so that the planet survives until the twenty seven to twenty one seventeen all i like the gaza but for how we want to hear your musee all mad the earth will do anyway kerry exactly nbc here we might not be liz night on mars with reputation already being hailed as a huge success many are wondering what will be next that ex single to be released from taylor swift there fifteen tracks four of already been released as prerelease singles so they're looking at a song called endgame that be dragged future in as sheeran that seems to be the most popular pick given the star power on the track young metal dealer ragsdale listed ets upbeat this is my favorite story of the day luke skywalker himself showed up surprise fans busy landstarved tours ride he got to say about that after a disneyland cast member announced the captain did mentioned something about a special passenger oh in the forces strong on this one he was greeted with cheers he asked the writers so there's star wars fans here are there no star wars fans all people just lose their mind apparently yes yeah and he always had a dream of working at disneyland in a finally came true for all all talked about this in just a second okay there changing ride and we don't know quite how i feel about it right on tv tonight we have thursday night football it's the steelers and the titans the fall finale of crazy nagdi fall finale of scandal and the fall.

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