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Completely changed the sound of it dime at a different vogel's ultimately like in late eighty six and turn it more into just a a solo print which is what he did obviously with a lot of sign of the times material before it was finally released after the eighty five eighty six timeframe songs are often i written and recorded and Oh yeah that'd be got the shipped bone remix off site time so we already had like three different versions of strange relationship on that super deluxe edition. So maybe even if they had on earth the eighty three version. They probably figured that's one two many. Yeah maybe hold that one back. Yeah i enjoyed the pettibone remix. I've definitely seen some dissenting views about that. Just around on social media and stuff. I don't think. I don't think it's an improvement. But i think it's interesting to hear this song that is so uniquely prince and unique even even in mean definitely it. Sounds like a print song but it does it but it doesn't sound it. Sounds different right. It's a pretty unique kind of all of the wonky stuff with the base that he's doing and all of that it it's a it's a very unique original kind of feel so he then you hear shep pettibone do his. Shep pettibone thing with it. You know it sounds much more kind of like a conventional club mix. You know i. I don't think it replaces the original version but it's definitely interesting to hear and and it's sort of. It's fun to hear iping. Yeah yeah i don't. I don't not upset that we got it. It's not my go-to version right. We got it for sure. I like both versions the eighty-five version and the the you know the final eighty-six version the version runs a little long. You know it's it's not edited down to a nice manageable length. Not that a lot of print songs go away long. I mean that's pretty common thing especially with vault material you'll find eight nine ten minute songs in the vault bright So it doesn't bother me but yeah this that song eighty five maybe could have been a truncated slightly just because it starts to drag on with the music bear for but but this versions precinct solid four minutes Doesn't really waste any time getting into the lyrics and it kind of stays in. Its in its lane for most of the songs length. It doesn't do a lot of different things except for maybe towards the very end you get some weird synth sounds. I do like the song overall even though the lyrics are bit troubling which. Hey i mean you volunteered to be on the song music. What what are your overarching thought..

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