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From the Online Trading Academy, and I'm about to start a journey with you to learn about smart investing in a much different sense. And I think a lot of people know about that is correct. What you're gonna learn is you're gonna find out what Online Trading Academy has kinda wanna do. My elevator speech to we're global franchise. We have fifty physical centers United States. We have seven centers internationally, and you actually have I'd say like a little mini Wall Street right here in Milwaukee. And that's the journey. You're going to be going on. And the other thing is you're gonna have the opportunity that if you go on this journey, it's not just in Milwaukee. You can do it in Chicago. You can do it in Minneapolis because we are global franchise. I've got one hundred and fifty dedicated traders instructors that we fly into the state of Wisconsin to teach you this when I was looking through the resumes, and some of these folks you have some great instructors that really take it down to the personal level talk about that a little bit. You know, the neat part is the instructors will come in and they have accounts, and they're trading at they're showing you what they're looking at, you know, so you're gonna have the opportunity, but the sweaty palms not tell you look at the trades to say, how do I set it up? How do I put in a stop loss? That's the key component is because the one thing a lot of people don't realize when the markets are going up where do you take profit this isn't buying hold? My father's markets dead. So what we're going to do at this journeys? We're gonna help you to make a better educated decision for you and for your family. So that when the markets do turn that you don't lose an anybody can do this. But it starts with a phone call, right? It all starts with a phone call, and we'll start off with these free classes a series of orientation classes, and for tending these classes, we'd give you flash drive with three home study courses on I like to tell him. What else don't think this is get rich quick? You know, it's not about how much money we make as much money. We keep we're going to give you the right proper decisions in the market..

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