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Teo. He's delaying this. Coronavirus cases continue to spike in more than three dozen states in some cases in record numbers. On Capitol Hill earlier this evening that objection. The bill is read 1/3 time and passed in the motion to reconsider is laid on the table, the House of Representatives following the Senate's lead in approving an extension to the covert related Paycheck protection program for small businesses. It would push the deadline for businesses to apply for that program until August 8th. San Francisco's police department is no longer going to be releasing mug shots of people who have been arrested. KCBS radios, Kathy Novak explains. San Francisco police chief Bill Scott says booking photos perpetuate stereotypes linking people of certain races to crime. Now mug shots can on ly be released when there is an imminent public threat or when police need help finding someone In Clay County, Florida Sheriff Darryl Daniels has raised some eyebrows over a video that it released. He's warning those who might protest in his suburban Jacksonville County to be ready. We can't help you. You know what I'll do, Ooo exercise the power and authority of the sheriff. And I'll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county. There are no indications of any planned protests in that largely World County to the west of Jacksonville, 1/3 of the Toledo City Council has been arrested on federal charges of bribery and extortion. A story in the Toledo Blade, says the Tyrone Riley. Even Harper, Larry Sykes and Gary Johnson are all charged in federal court with accepting bribes for official acts and extortion. According to the criminal complaints filed in federal court on Tuesday, there are growing cries across Toledo for those council members to resign. On Wall Street ahead of the open, nine o'clock eastern this morning. Stock futures are beginning the day on the East Coast, looking up with the S and P, pointing up six points, the NASDAQ up 26 the Dow up 60 points. This is CBS News. You can listen to CBS News Radio, 24 hours a day, seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com APP de loaded today. President Trump just tweeted. And he says the new book blitz is hot and calls David Horowitz, a great author. Already.

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