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Okay no debt follows you effort death on except to the extent that anything you own would have to be used to clear your dad do you have a lot of assets and i am a watts area that we started uh when i was fifteen find my wonderful stepped and listening to your show for years um and it's probably worth a maximum of five thousand dollars um so we'd be fun but you'll that would be gone that would be that would be the due to your estate consists of what you own minus what you owe and if you don't own enough to cover what you owe them a debt is not inherited by people that are left behind uh everyone that's over eighteen should have a will and if you don't have one jump on us legal forms dot com and get one done it so just a few dollars to get like thirty bucks or something to get a will kit that's specific to your state everyone should but particularly where you're having a something a procedure like this and you're concerned and i'm sure there's no no imminent problem but you know you're concerned about it and so oh it's a good reminder for all of us that we need to do that everyone should have oil rich is in knoxville merry christmas rich how can i help banks gave my question concerns student loan debt and marriage and and more specifically um my fiance has about ninety six thousand dollars in student loan guy which she's deferred over many many years hasn't really been response with her for that and my fear is that if we get married i will then be responsible to pay off that debt and and i myself in very good at not having at and i'd like some advice.

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