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All right, So you know, damage we've been asking for justice for Briana Taylor appear in Hollywood unlocked in. She still hasn't gotten it. No, no. Briana Taylor's ex boyfriend, DeMarcus Glover was targeted. One of the narcotics investigation was resulting to her being fatally shot. This happened on March 13th. Now he's been offered a plea deal that will force him to say that she was involved in the drug. Oration and declined telling officials he had zero involvement and any illegal drug trafficking. So this is how they're trying to control the situation that the officers actually killed an unarmed black woman in her own while she was sleeping by trying to get somebody to take a plea deal to get out of jail by lying to say she had to do it, you know the way people were trying to clean their This is sad. And you know what? Daniel Camera the attorney, general it there you bitch Don't think we forgot about you with that bad pushback hairline. They not only need to vote you out, they need to vote you, Barbara, and any devote your little wife out, too, because the fact that she Going to birth. A black baby. At some point they could also be sleeping in out and shot by a police officer is just crazy to me. Yes. So ex boyfriend made a statement said the police were trying to make it out to be mock ball, turning the whole community out here, making it look like I brought this to Brianna's door. There was nothing never there anything ever there and at the end of the day, they went about it the wrong way and light on their search warrant and shot that girl out there. What I love about him is that he's standing behind his girl or his standing behind Briana, even though he could get his freedom as a result of lion is now her and he's not doing it. So send love to him and sent it straight to him as he fights for justice for Briana, as we continue to do that has been over 175 days at this point, Come on, people. Let's do some about this stand up guy now coming up. Next damaged. I had a conversation with a whole bunch of Queens. It wasn't in West Hollywood. It was vivid was Vivica Fox, Lisa Ray, Claudia Joy and Selena Johnson.

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