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I think deserves so. I would like to see him. Develop some little bit of an offensive game where maybe it's just a little jump hook something in the line because we know that he's limited offensively. He gets a lot of that gets a lot of high percentage baskets. But he doesn't really have a move. You would say right now now again. He's twenty eight so it's still a little bit of time there but you wanna see some sort of offensive improvement. Because i think if he can add some little shot to his game then the jazz is the jetsons prospects improve a whole lot but overall on the on the on the surface He deserved that contract based on the accomplishments that he's achieved so far in the game and you know he's a he's a loyal guy he's been with the jazz the whole time so it was a show fighting them and he was happy to get that so. I don't really have a problem with it some but i think that's considering what contracts are out there right now. He's the highest paid center. This will probably last year and then someone else overtaking. Because that's what's happening. Everyone's janas the biggest contract in history and now go. Bears and davis was a big. So it's gonna it's gonna be surpassed that's just a sign of the times. I really have a problem. I think that He deserved it. I think it's the right move from the jets really was quoted as saying i want to win and i feel like leaving this money on the table. Actually saying that part. I think is interesting for the team just to be able to have better. Talent around me and donovan was really important I want to win. And i believe in this group and i believe in this organization so he was willing to leave the money on the table for them again. A little shocking. You don't hear players say that a lot trae. He could have of course asked for the to twenty eight in the end. Settles for to five. And i think of course. That's good for the jazz. Got a little more wiggle room to play with you still gonna massive contracts and your is but but you have a little wiggle room and it's actually i think sort of in a in a good way probably better for rudy gobert. Because like i said you know he's polarizing to some people like really two hundred million dollar player rudy gobert. But at least it's not the super max. I think that would almost do them a disservice. In a way him giving a disco helps them in a strange way. Maybe in the eyes of some of the casual fans. So that's to twenty-eight versus two. Oh five the course of five years. It's like four million dollars. That's another little role player. Certainly that will help. But i'm kind of with thai winter here in the stream team who says two hundred million and you hope the guy can learn how to score. It's a big deal for rudy. Gobert rudy gobert donovan. Mitchell are going to end up making between them. What four hundred and fifty million. And that's the jazz nucleus right there. They gotta figure out a way to build around. They got that extra four million dollars. That'll certainly help. I don't have a problem with it right now. Though eagerly because rudy gobert at the very worst. He's one of the three best. Defensive centers in the league and a defensive center is really the only defense that matters. So you gotta up for it. They're gonna regret it a little bit when he's further into his career and he's in his early thirties perhaps slowing down a little. We don't know aging of tall guys isn't always the smoothest thing you know. So it wouldn't be surprising if rudy slows down. A little bit over the course of this contract and they're looking to move them eventually but for now you gotta keep your good players around especially in a market like utah. So the jazz did what they kind of had to do. They got a little bit of a discount. It's all good right now and the jazz. Stay good right now. The jazz stay in contention right now. The problem will come in the future as dignity. Danny larue always says it's not the money it's the years these years may come back to haunt the jazz in the future. We'll worry about this. Then you would have never guessed twenty twenty like dead especially for rudy. Gobert that's right task anything to add to either go bear or or coups markkanen well. It's pretty cool that the jazz have all made up. Everything is by out there earlier in the season donovan mitchell and rudy gobert apparently didn't like each other. They didn't talk after the whole ordeal at the coronavirus. So it's great that they're all good as far as contract goes through to go bear one of the best defensive players in the game. No doubt you're paying from twenty nine to thirty four. He'll be about thirty four by the end of this contract On the offensive end he is what he is. I think you're we're seeing peak rudy. Go bare right now. By the end of this contract it will look bad if the jazz aren't good. A look fine if the jazz. I've gotten better around him because rudy rudy. He's not going to. he's not going to get any better at this point till slowdown at some point. But if donovan mitchell and boy book but they definitely missed in the bubble are good around him then. The contract will look palatable. But when you're paying a guy forty mil if the team is bad. Then it's going to look gross So it's really donovan. Mitchell continuing to be great continuing to be awesome. That'll make this contract. Look better because we're we're seeing peak rudy right now which is really really good on one end and not so amazing on the other and he's not a bucket on the other end but everybody has to help them out on that end and that will tell you if this contract is good and listen to it is a good sign and it shows that people can make up and be friends again. 'cause you know. There's a great article by by. Tim macmahon in espn win. This all went down after rudy. Touched all the mikes And you know was sort of made the scapegoat for the coronavirus. Everything is good there. He's getting paid left some money on the table now. It's up to his teammates to to be biden's into play really really well. Yeah this always comes down to like what's the value in defense right. Nobody blinks when let's say inevitably like trae young gets paid supermax right because he's may be one of the best offense players in the game like growing into. That is what i mean but then we just say go gobert that defensively. But you know we're hesitant to be like. Oh i don't know and you know trae we've always have this debate a lot of the time like is it that important. Is it really really important to have a go. Bear while skates as you can tell. Everybody actually agrees that offense is more important which is why when these contracts come up. There's a question about it but there's not for an awful guy like you're saying trae young when he gets the super duper max ever say great move. That could be an mvp for sure but of course..

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