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Right that would be disturbing i mean if you saw if all these guys run into these baseball fields in whatever had just no i don't want to see that for some reason it takes a whole new model as they call it at the baseball yelled and then the third naked story involving poop is there is now another and i don't think i saw this in our lineup if i'm jumping ahead i apologise but there is another mysterious pooper i think in arkansas yeah who's a pooping in wiping his fecal matter on cars a lot of fecal matter in from the accident that there are a couple of months ago lots of fecal being flung around while there is also the guy in the airplane who they had to emergency land a plane because he got in the bathroom at the plane and smeared walter all over the young is this fecal week yeah out its tico year you're welcome today's albert albert out out already already seeing the year a year later today down show people are forgetting how to use the bathroom already here in israeli eighteen we're reverting to monkey like behavior yeah this is danny in terms of odd hope for the future and dragged where anita home which way isn't going at this point know how they had that midnight clock that says when the world would be destroyed us and right now it's at like eleven fifty nine i feel like after that might be doomsday clock i think that that's pretty accurate eleven fifty nine.

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