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The GUAC is extra where we answer any and all questions from our listeners and what do we have. I tonight the first I comes from Kirk Kitty. They rights with some much which some much-needed content. I guess the word needed was missing but anyway we're content coming into Disney so much content with so much content okay coming to Disney plus. Do you think a deep cut character like Isaiah Bradley. The first six one six captain America could get some shine. I I don't know who that is all right well to explain. This was ill story. I think it was all captain. America Red White and black. I'm not one hundred percent chardonnay graphic novel but it was ill story where tastes territories. Ahah Bradley in a basically mates to super soldier experiment into the Tuskegee experiment where they gave the Super Soldier Serum when they're first developing it to Blatt soldiers I of course to make sure word it was it's one of Marvel's stories Mova even publish. This joint is so wild. It's an old old. Kylie isn't a two thousand year early two thousands a AH. Maybe like one thousand nine hundred nine times okay. That's basically nine not more cash money. Money is an Odin dominy. AD ABC's after masterpiece is as Air Bradley was the cat was therefore Isaiah Bradley becomes the first half in America in this story and so he goes goes on. He doesn't live very low well he. He doesn't eat a power very long because obviously Steve Rogers and becomes the Captain America but Isaiah Bradley's grandson later on becomes hysterical call the Patriot who joins the young avengers with damage they do big like 'cause lally member sure I mean it's all sort of art is something that's Kyle Baker who does really exaggerated stuff. He's one of our I mean. Cows listen. I WanNa say this Charlie Baker. I don't don't put me on that one. He looked like Isaiah but his grandson goes on to join the young avengers which is one of my favorite teams as everyone knows miss. America Chavis have is Kate Bishop coming up in the Hawk series so yes to answer your question. I do believe to characters like Isaiah but more importantly I think his nephew and his grandson and in the young of injuries are all going to get a lot of shine yeah and so they'll probably have a flashback or something to show the history I would think deep cookout is going to get a shine because because one major component that I learned this week was that the Disney plus. TV shows from Arvo are going to have M. C. You sized budgets so L. With that in mind. I'm like Oh they they were going to could do anything but they're literally going to be able to do anything here so I'm here for it and yes. I think the deep cuts are coming. I mean we've you seem to foot if we see in front of Laurean and that Shit looks like money was spent and I I also don't expect anything less yeah because the star wars related so you know it's the same thing at this point. They're not cheap out on the budget. I mean we're talking characters. Dave announced a Moon Knight night series whole last year he's on Moon Cameo and I heard they were looking for an Israeli Jewish. I wish Israeli do to play mark. Spector the moon night. I didn't know he was Israeli in the book or Jewish but no idea because eventually mark Spector in some versions that move night worships through the Egyptian god I close enough regionally. The culture is not at all beat of a different Gretna Geographically Eddie all round there but yes classically a bit of a difference in mm-hmm cultures boy but yeah no deep cared is coming to marvel yeah. That's that's. That's no no doubt. Oh quake quake way the next question Shen. I actually don't see this is from. I'm just GonNa read it out. Hayao a while back I sent in question via Patriot. I'm asking asking about advice for my first big con a New York comic con and I just WanNa say. Thank you so much for the advice. I took notes. You also said to send in an email so that she give me more advice and share things that you're privy to that. You can't her didn't want to say on the air so here. I am ten years later. If you have any more vice or anything extra you want to I share it with me. Appreciate it so much if not no worries see you at. NYC See it from Amber Lynn Ciro No Aka from me this time work still my creativity for the day but we can obviously I read the question. We're going to give you some more stuff on air. and we'll see first of all yeah we will see. You make sure make sure that we will see you at all. I mean we we see a lot of the same advice because it's still applicable and is still really good the odorant tons of it bring it along with you a fresh pair of socks. I mean real. Let's be real folks like if you've got room in your bag or your purse or your pockets a fresh pair of socks their bathrooms that you can walk into and change them joints halfway through today. It's a good look baby. I can uncle answer. There are practical okay. We'll stay in the practical lane. Make sure you bring more more than one either one high-capacity or several chargers portable battery chargers 'cause you're going. I mean if you're already on your phone. Nas Up is going to be even more insane this time around. I would also say if you were looking for advice in the sense of I guess waiting to find your way in the industry talk. Yes talk to I mean in the sense of like you know yes go talk to creators talk about how they got into the craft and and you know you you technically don't have to be pressed to have interviews with these people when you go into artists alley. You could just say hey you know for my personal thing. I'm interviewing people all that I'm interested in in their craft. Can I talk to you for like five minutes most times. They'd be like Yeah Sean my not or they'll be like oh well. Can you come back at a certain time like you can do that. Yes there are certain things that are restricted specifically for credential press but just because you don't have that particular titling your badge doesn't mean you can't do things like to this day we tell. Ya We do the things things even when we're not supposed to be there quote unquote or or when we are tasked to be one thing and do another you know because we have the skill the thing is we also because you believe in yourself at the end of the day again as I mentioned earlier the only way you get better at what it is that you if you keep practising so you know take. I do it slowly do it in measured terms and you'll you'll get there but yeah everything means said is valid true. Also I would God bless you. Yes trump shoes and also wanna add onto that like you were saying about artists alley artists to me is like is my hidden treasure every year here. I tell people this site. You get to see everyone. Let People like the Tom Kings of the World Batman author. He's GonNa have a long as line but everyone else L. stand near was was girl Jen. Yes who went from being unknown unknown to me like a mother fucking fifty Mile Line of women at her desk job. I love it because it's like bartle has is this like mob of women who stand in front of our booth and Audit Valley. It's it's so amazing but yeah that's where you can meet everyone. You'll be to walk right up on them. Talk to them I'm GonNa give you all the game. A few years ago we had Lonzo on the show actually stood outside. I was in a restricted area that I would. I stood outside of the restricted area and wading into this motherfucker came over to so we can we can. We have your show now again. There's a fine line you have have to be. You do have to move insolent. Don't really don't just run up on somebody. In demand anything is first of all no one owes you a damn thing you ask and you respectful respectful and you give people their time and if they say no get your ego out of it so now oh well keep it moving one of the very first comics I did with Ben I mean and I was shocked because and this goes great for people who really know these creators whether their inkers or pencil or whatever ben I mean peop- Larry Hama is an incredible edible legend of the medium me and everyone else had no idea who this guy was. He was sitting at a table by himself literally by himself. Well although tables were were milling about with with with hundreds of people and he was he was drawing doing his thing he wasn't. He wasn't paying pay. Nobody nobody was paying him no mind but when Ben I mean saw the name name and it Clinton is head like holy crap this is this and he got like a full blown interview him whereas that may not happen with you know maybe a stab more more more bigger outlet or whatever or even ignore them and that's another thing creators especially are not like these marquee names are often ignored and and that's not fair and two it also gives you a window to be able to learn more about them and give them a platform to Larry Hama for those that don't know asian-american American Creator demands served in Vietnam from one came home and started writing and wrote. Gi Joe Tacoma Book and pretty much defined everything that everyone no one knows about Gi Joe Snake Storm Shadow all that ill shit is him and so when I got to meet a man he answered question for me that I'd had since I was a kid because I I was reading initiative as a kid and there was stuff I wanted to ask them then and I finally got to a neutral amazing because he's a Yo you know who are you read all my stuff and I'm just I kill your fucking talking Larry Hamid Doll. You aren't a man so yeah. Just go up to people like we say you know. Introduce yourself be cool. We call say whatever smile all the time. Oh you ran into rob lethal or lethal sure he was sitting on the curb and this well before the deadpool movie so no one I guess his fist. His face wasn't really out there. He was sitting on the curb outside in front of a whole bunch of people either cost plays up again. A scituate people just walk right by no blues crazy was people walk right past them up and tell them we got pitcher everything and then later on when he was sitting in his booth with his name above nine down the block. That's why pays and this is your last. This is your last day but that's why pays to do your research series surgeon to the people that you know do the research on the people that you don't know and want to learn more about because they could be literally standing right next to you at the con and that could be your opportunity the first time we got back to one last one. I got Karen Gillan and Jamie mckelvie. They were standing there. I knew what they look like say their publicists trying to drag them away and I ran up on twitter before but he says he's still means respect especially random and I was like Yo you know we've talked on twitter before and he was I gave you ten minutes because he had to go with the publicist and so we got that ten minutes real quitting did interview and look at it now they're brothers or we're good friends hopefully. I I you know that that'd be an honor you know. I don't know that's my dude. I'm the fact that he follows me. Now is like how rose I gotta write better tweets. I step it up. That's paying me for this. Those are inside tips can get no more free ran for the year. The rest will be nine hundred nine. the next question comes from the rare elements elements they right. y'All were talking anime a few weeks ago. Have you two been watching Demon slayer. If so what do you think no no I have bobby. Watch not at all. How however what happened watching is actually went back and Rewatch the season. We'll all the seasons on Hulu blue of my hero academia because I should so fire and it's still fired no matter how many times you watch it on my actually also started a new anime will new old anime call assassination classroom and it's wild as hell and as much as they try to make you like the antagonize still want them to kill this motherfucker yogurt. Auger basically it's about this super duper powered alien being that destroys the moon on its way to Earth then it basically tells the inhabitants of Earth Look. y'All got a year maybe last but y'all got a year to figure out how to kill me and if you do obviously I'll be I'll be today if you don't figure it out. I'm GonNa Destroy the planet and in doing that they make him head of a classroom of children. So these are like preteens. Maybe early teens jeans and he's teaching them how to be and other teachers are teaching them how to be assassins so it's a lot of this weird dynamic with kids that are literally every other minute trying to kill the professor. They'll have they'll be having a conversation with professor and then behind their back will be a knife or they'll come out with a gun that all these weapons that are specially formulated to kill this teacher so definitely check it out if you're interested in learning more again on who I'm sure you can get anywhere else like country role in places like that. Those are the enemies I've been watching. There's actually does do join us all the name of it in an article but I don't know it's on that flits is supposed to be like aw exploitation where it's like. I think it takes to Mexico but it's like karate in it and here is some weird like Seventies. Mash Asha of like Cohn flu but I don't I guess Mexican flotation like machete-type flicks but it's animated and it's on on Netflix Hodgkin. No that's that's south main is in Spanish..

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