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The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered two Boeing seven thirty-seven max jets one model of which was involved in that fatal. Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed a hundred and fifty seven people to be temporarily grounded in the United States. They have done the right thing. The agency said this decision was made to ground both the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight and the max nine models as a result of the data gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analysed there was a crash, of course of the same model plane back in October that killed one hundred eighty nine people that crashed into the Java sea as well. Both crashes appeared to be very very similar. Boeing has suspended its entire global fleet of three hundred seventy one seven thirty-seven max jetliners worldwide sixty nine commercial airlines airlines unleashing firms that use the max eight and max nine as well. Airlines and other countries, including the entire European Union Ethiopia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and Iceland have grounded their jetliners as well. Tomorrow night on coast to coast ABA should expert David Suci, join us as we talk about this incredible story in Denver. The Denver airport has closed all runways after cancelling more than thirteen hundred flights today amid very severe weather there in Hawaii on the big island of magnitude five point three earthquake kits near the Kellaway volcano, no shoe Niamey warnings residents retold oh to prepare for aftershocks. Let's check in with stand. Deo our research physicists stand. Not a real big earthquake. But it shook up a lot of people in Hawaii. I talked to several today. Well, you know, look, you're talk to Tom about this year. Tom, Dan Houser, and at first I thought, well, okay. It's a five point five. Five and no big deal. But when I started looking at a number of smaller earthquakes in the patterns formed from last March. Remember when the little crater the small crater Kilby above that had about fifteen thousand quakes such right? Okay. Well, so I went down in a look at this and Tom's putting the picture up for you guys to look at it on the website. But there are like eighty to ninety square miles of a trail of earthquakes are ones that are deeper than the one up the crater these were around three and a half miles deep and to me it looks like there's a section of that island. They're that's gonna crack there's there's activity there that indicates pre earthquake hit type activities big earthquake to separate that segment there off of the big island. I suppose if I were in the big island and own property, it'd be looking at moving. But anyway, it look at the picture you'll see what I'm talking about. There's something going on there. That's all we need to you know, they they're all eyelids out. There are they in danger of sinking with a big earthquake. I don't think. So I do think that we're going to see more small fracture. Smaller quakes editor shallow all over the planet. Certainly the islands of Hawaii and other islands are going to be endangered by the rise in sea level as the polar ice caps are melting quicker than we thought. So. A lot of a lot of changes going on the planet. The mum's kind of hard to put them all together. Sure is thank you stand. Stands website stand. Deo D Y O dot com in California. Very strange story. A fourth child has been diagnosed with cancer at a San Joaquin county elementary school in parents believe it's because of radiation caused by a cell phone tower, the towers are spread throughout the community. But of particular one that the parents say needs to go, isn't that's weird for children diagnosed with cancer at an elementary school. Very strange a Florida high school student committed suicide early Wednesday morning and our school's auditorium after asking permission to go to the bathroom, the seventeen year old junior Astra teacher at the Lake Mary high school near Orlando if she could be excused to use the restroom about five minutes later, the teacher said she heard a gunshot. Come from the auditorium set story there an HBO has made a documentary. The about the Michelle Carter texting suicide case, it's a two part film called. I'd love you. Now die will be released in the summer. The trailer was released today. It's a first look trailer of the two part series. This is a story, of course of a young woman who was sentenced an accused of coaxing her boyfriend into killing himself. The Massachusetts judge ordered Michelle Carter to start serving her sentence persuading her boyfriend to kill himself back in two thousand fourteen. She was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in June of two thousand seventeen after the judge determined that her text messages to Conroy ROY the third persuaded him to kill himself. Dr Peter Bergen, testified at that trial. And he's with us now as well. That was a sad story. Peter, oh, it is such a tragic story and the press has just been terrible about Michelle because the DA with. Using this case to make a name for her and try to get to be a judge. I heard south and by never losing a case just vilified Michelle, and I've George I've been an expert in cases surrounding the number the mass murders, including Columbine and the Aurora theater. I never saw any any any DA go after a mass murderer in public the way that DA went after Michelle and Michelle actually was a wonderful young girl after she was, you know, charred telling her boyfriend to get back in his truck and kill himself back into fume filled truck by telephone that was the accusation. She this girl was voted most likely to bring your day in her senior class. What was she doing just trying to get tough with him? Or or what was happening there? Both of them were an anti-depressant boy both of them had gotten so crazy over the time. They have only after they started the president's that shells boyfriend Conrad told her that he was seeing the devil, and it turned out Michelle reports that that she was having nightmares about the devil. And these kind of nightmares are common on the anti-depressants and young people. And then he told her well, the devil has got us. You know, the devil wants us together. He's using us. That's how disturbed these kids got on these drugs. Oh, we just heard about this story in Orlando of a seventeen year old girl who committed suicide in her school auditorium. It's it's happening. All the time. Peter it is very common. I don't believe we're getting anywhere near the statistics of what's happening to watch. I in my practice. I've never had a suicide in my practice. You know? Thank god. It's well, it's because you're a good psychiatrist. And it's also luck. And I think it's a blessing from God myself, but I know have and I've never had a close friend kill himself. Now. Now, I'm hearing. I'm I'm treating fourteen fifteen and sixteen year olds who are not only dealing with suicidal feelings. They have friends who've suicide intermixing these medications to their popping pills. Like, they're like, they're candy. They're getting San next there. Some of them are even chopping Xanax up Peter and sniffing cocaine. Well, you know, they've been told these they've been given these drugs the friends have been giving them they've been lied to by the doctors that they're not addictive were lied to them that they you know, that they don't 'cause a lot of severe emotional. Problems. They being put on others on stimulant drugs that are addictive and the doctors are treating it like, it's nothing. And of course, then they make they mix them with street drugs as well. But you know, we're not taken our kids. Seriously, George we need to know, we expose making them into a market. We expose them to too bad foods. We sell them junk food. We sell 'em videos full of violence. You know, we put him on psychiatric drugs that are absolutely terrible for them. I've actually in a scientific article call for a ban on giving these drugs to children because then neuro-toxins you don't wanna kids brains based in Europe. Not that I went up, and, you know, George when not telling parents, what the issues are issues aren't a genetic mental illness than not a biochemical disorder issues. Kids have or in their lives parents teachers need to face this. My colleagues in psychiatry will never face it. Peter, we gotta get you back for more in depth on this very serious story. And it's it's affecting adults as well. If you tried to use Facebook Instagram the what's after messenger today, and it wasn't working. Well, Facebook has been suffering outages across the world since noon all four the company's main applications, Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp and messenger were encountering problems according to down detector dot com. The outages appeared to be concentrated in the Americas. And in Europe, it is not they say a cyber attack Lauren Weinstein, our expert on the internet with us, Lauren. What do you think happen? It's not clear yet. The the outage has been running at least ten hours apparently. But it's been as you said it's been scattered around the world. So some people had one set of problems some people some people could log on some people couldn't pose some people couldn't authentic Kate with second factor, all kinds of different things. I tend to doubt that Facebook is going to ever publicly get into the details on this. It's not surprising though that. So many of these different services their Facebook related have gone down because they tend to share a common infrastructure, comma, data centers and such. And other various things that can go wrong. This clearly was not a DOS attack not a denial of service attack. How do we knew that you can tell you can tell from the patterns of of of what people can access it what they can't access the DDOS attack. People are normally not going to be able to access the site at all this particular outage people were accessing the site but functionality within the site was was not working properly in different ways, depending on the time. And where where you were this kind of problem tens, and I have no special information about this. But just to storage this kind of problem often results from software updates gone bad, something that has was changed in their infrastructure that didn't behave as planned, and what can happen in those situations is you get cascading failures one system fails. So that puts more load on another one, and it gets overloaded at fails. And something like that can hop around the world. And maybe that's what happened in this case, maybe maybe something else. But it does remind us about the fragility of of the systems. This is social social media..

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