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Today over the fatal shooting of a black man inside his home by a white police officer demonstrators shut down a city council meeting. The family of the victim gave an exclusive interview today to Omar Villafranca. I am still in denial. I cannot believe that my boys. Not all Bertrand. Allison John want to know is why Dallas police officer amber, Geiger shot and killed their son both them in his own apartment. One of the things. Is to just come clean. Just reading according to the manslaughter arrest warrant, the thirty year old officer told detectives she returned to what she thought was her third floor apartment just before ten pm on Thursday. She noticed the door was ajar and in the dark apartment, she saw a large silhouette inside. She thought it was a burglar after she gave verbal commands that were ignored she fired her gun twice and killed both them to hear that, you know, his door was open. He would never and have the lights off. He would never do that both of them grew up in Saint Lucia. But gene family says he was fully aware of the strained relationship between the black community in America and police died in a way that he himself had calculated. He could never die. Both teams funeral is tomorrow. But rumors of what really happened still haven't been laid to rest, Omar Villafranca. CBS news, Dallas. Still ahead here tonight..

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