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Tom Cruise has been working for months according to radar online to make his Scientology layer a luxurious place to live and in July there's new photos from writer a line showing Tom Cruise. decorating his place by the way his apartment is just four hundred yards away from Scientology flag building so buying up all the real estate there yeah. lever provided by Scientology Ford and workers so yeah it is so yeah. if you know. I do wonder you more but I did wonder what was going on with him and just wonder if something is he doing what is. making movies what is the traffic he's not in traffic and your traffic is coming at you right now thirty five fifty there's a crash in St Paul by University Avenue in ninety four in St Paul I also have a crash happening thirty five W. north bound in new Brighton look out first all the vehicle that's happening right by county road ninety six over on the west side of town something happened in three ninety four might be a crash in golden valley watch out by one sixty nine in Louisiana Avenue and also what highway one hundred north bound there's a crash in the dyna by highway sixty two and Bentsen Avenue bumper to bumper traffic happening by sixty two west bound and highway one hundred you're my talk traffic is a brought to you by virgin well dot com ladies check it out birth control yeast infections bladder infections these are just some of the things that you can get prescriptions for on the online.

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