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Are giving gifts to the Fisher house foundation makes a difference Scott sums it up here for us since when they are and and the type of care that we are providing it was crucial to have them present if at all possible this is much more challenging than sent of course yes on on we were long story extension marea hotels were prohibited most of our families couldn't afford a hotel in the area we did have four six your house sometimes people were without us knowing it would cheapen their car or in some kind of sending that was so say the very least Scott Skiles and I wish the former poly trauma social hello out there and we took care of hundreds of active duty servicemen and women were injured in if you are interested in learning more about Fisher house Fisher house starboard everything's you need to know will be there Fisher house foundation has earned four out of four stars from charity navigator for fifteen consecutive years and an a plus rating from charity watch for more than a decade Fisher houses are both active duty wounded as well as veterans were ill or injured and that means as Scott highlighted the families receive invaluable help as well for more information that address again is Fisher house dot or now meeting US marine Vietnam veteran who was made multiple visits to the VA hospital in Washington DC hi my name's Chris I'm calling from Berlin Maryland I went to the went into the marine corps in nineteen sixty seven I was eighteen years old and I went to my basic training and from there I went to Vietnam hundred percent disabled vet and I come to the your house when I have to have an appointment one day and I have an appointment the next day the Fisher house within the space of the travel so far it takes approximately three hours to get here in three hours to get home so it's a blessing to have the Fisher house here for the vets I I went into the marine corps you can say I guess of the talents I had a brother that when it's raining core he told me that she had to be a man to be arranged so I had to prove to him that that was as much man as he was in being over there I was injured I enjoyed my ankle quite severely and also from being in in Vietnam and Asian arms developed prostate cancer and when I came home I had to go to the VA to give muscle street to see exactly what was wrong with me in the V. A.'s behind me a hundred percent then as the as I come to the debtors hospital if I have an appointment today I can say at the Fisher house that night and go to my point that the next day I'm a junior Holland a wife of crystal how the reason why we started going into to Fisher house is because we travel so far to have to come to to be a special point was that my husband have and I was told from doctor that they have to fish house that will house as and keep us there so we will have to have the expense of painful tell somewhere and I was just amazed that we know once I got here that it was just like I was at and I feel so welcome I also felt that I had a connection with the other people that was there that was there especially to women because we were all there supporting our husbands and he seemed to you know or you know get in the kitchen and cook and we all talked about you know what was going on and everybody was like the connection you know without the last everybody prayed to one another and it's just been overwhelming experience for me knowing that this place like that the staff us women you know for the veterans and I just love it when I first came into the Fisher house I looked around in a scene oh wow this is so beautiful you know I didn't expect to see what I've seen but I'm very happy that I saw it in since I've been here I've been so happy I think we've been blessed actually to have a place like the fish house you're listening to the Fisher house story in their own words a very special presentation of this station and Fisher house dot org this is Chris style and if I had a chance to sit down and talk to the Fisher family I would thank them very much for doing what they did they have a place for us veterans and their wives to come if they needed to be when I have to go into the hospital with that say if I have to stay two three days they make sure that my wife is welcome at his house in the really pretty sure pretty sure that they can know by the way I'm talking that we are really blessed to have you thank you very much if I had a chance to speak to the beginning people that started fish house I would say I know that they had to be they cared about what was going on and did that with the veterans families people come from all aspects of different places and knowing that they made this possible thank you just thank you and god bless you it's just overwhelming that we have something like this yeah I'm so grateful a case you're interested in the Fisher house go to fix your house that or more information because a family's love is good medicine and what can you do to keep the Fisher house foundation ever going to meet Lorraine was volunteered her time at the Fisher house in Tampa for the last three years hello I'm Lorraine the rock I volunteer at the Tampa Bay Fisher house I came to the Fisher has two and a half years ago by meeting the woman who runs Apollo violence she and I live right downtown in Tampa she asked me to come up and have a look and try to volunteer to some interesting things they were looking for people to help we had just mad tonight said that I'd been volunteering at various other places around so I came up here walk through the door she showed me around and I've been here ever since it's more about the loving care of of the people that that are staying here you know we understand the trauma some things that they're they're dealing with in their daily life and we just try to make life more comfortable for them I work you're basically because my upbringing was my dad was in the navy but we weren't particularly military family but my background is I was a special education teacher and in England so I naturally just fits into the caring and understanding aspect of what the Fisher foundation the Fisher house is about so I just believe in that that you thought you know it's not a job it's not even in even people that work here it's not a job it's about providing for the for the families here and that's just how I have chosen to live my life we'll have a heart and who really care about others and want to help out you could look at Fisher house dot org on the internet or you can just look it up anywhere you know you could get a call to the a they can pass through it's really about giving and caring for the people that live here next we'll finish this hour with a.

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