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How about his performance over here. New starting to cooking click. Yeah the rocard. Hollywood around two things on on tyson williams number one wins. I called the game. It definitely thais on like sa h. n. Tyson williams lambs had either the pronunciation. I'm doing their game. Secondly they were getting frustrated with him. Joe there were a few times where he was bouncing outside when he needed to hit it up in there. And i saw and i saw them say it to him so just keep an eye on. He has a lot of ability. I think they like him. He just needs to keep hitting up in there like the old gus busted. Yeah and i think you know they're that thank you for that tidbit by the way ross. Because i might use that. Because i think you probably trust murray and devante freeman to do those things. The question is you know. Do you sacrifice that natural running ability that williams has that juice. And and that's that's a that's a fair question Hollywood hollywood brown so he comes into this game. Injured still puts up huge game over his last ten games including the playoffs. He's averaging seventeen point one fantasy points per game hasn't dipped below twelve point five. That's really important. Because i think we view hollywood brown at somebody who's like You know he's a big play guy and if he doesn't hit the big play that hasn't been the case he's been consistent that seventeen point one fantasy points per game average over the last ten games it is equivalent to what d- came metcalf scored last year became capitals the wide receiver nine fantasy points per game last year literally over his last ten games. Hollywood brown is operating as a wide receiver. One while that's awesome. they need. they need that. I'm happy for him. What about detroit. Offensively they're fun bad. I mean no seriously. tj hopkinson is going to dominate. This year the andre swiss getting it done in the passing game I hope this game is high scoring. I hope detroit gives up a lot of points. Because if he does the andreas was gonna get targets. Tj hawkins gonna get targets. Jamal williams is going to get carries and targets hopkinson. You have to play he in this game. Mark andrews is on the other side. It's been a little bit of a disappointment for fantasy purposes. Teetering hawkins better tight. End playing this game. De'andre swift's the best running back play in this game in my opinion because i think you'll catch a bunch of passes jamal williams more flex one gotta watch out for it. I mean you know baltimore..

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