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So what else do we need to know about. This film send proved people can go to send proof dot com and they will go to prove dot com and share it on social media. Please folks we have to do our part. But what else have we not covered. I think it's a film skeptics. Love the ones that i've shown to. I had friends that have left the faith in. They're like i cried throughout the entire film And so. I think it's something that if you have a sceptical friend they will enjoy it. Because of how balanced both sides are being treated in it. And it's a call. It actually puts the burden on us as christians. I'm not saying atheists change anything about your life. I'm saying we. Christians need to present evidence. Let's do it. Let's step up to the plate. We're being asked for this. And if god's healing people there should be some what a wonderful attitude. I could use some of that i think no. I think we all have to be honest. Is that we do react to people on the other side of the equation and sometimes we were reacting to much. We ought to simply be saying you want evidence. There is evidence. And you've actually taken the trouble to find the evidence and to present the evidence What are you doing with yourself besides promoting this film. I guess maybe this is become a fulltime job it has. I'm doing that around the clock I i try to you know. Do some apologetic on the side. But other than that. This has just consumed my life right. I wanna get you copy of my book. Because i want you to be familiar with the start story in the camus story and of course you know the story of anthony flu anthony. Flu was one of the biggest atheist of the twentieth century. He came to faith. I thought it was through. One of the harbormasters In any event but he was not a friendship extension lowest atheist he was and but the evidence is overwhelming. I actually think that the more people look into it it becomes clear. But it's those people who really don't wanna look into it. They just they just buying the narrative of no god without really looking into it. They're scared to look into it because they may find information they don't like or they were presented with the sunday school version of faith and not adult version. And i think that something we as ministers can do better is. How do i present this to audiences with the questions they have. I went through church my entire life and never saw an archaeological artifacts that someone presented verifying the old testament. And so well when i get to seminary. There's all this stuff why why not coming up in. Oh man i love it. I love it. Did you know that they have discovered biblical sodom. Oh you see if you don't know that doesn't explain what we're talking about the information in this case it's overwhelming. Nobody knows anything. Well if even you don't know at night in here until recently how can we possibly expect the world out there to know that the old testament is historical right because we even. We're not hearing so we need to get this out there so i think people need to make films and you just did really congratulations. I'm excited they have done this now. Did you say it will be in theaters. People need to go to the website. Go to the website. We're talking about theatrical release and we're in talks about okay but send proof dot com is the website. Is there anything else that the website people find their. They'll find a place to share their miracles. They'll find just some stuff about cast and crew and how to buy digital. You're on dvd. Okay this is important. Ministers lay ministers. Gotta get this information out there and if you have a miracle now is your chance. Go to send proof dot com elijah stevens. I'm just tickled to death that you have pulled this off. Congratulations and i'm not gonna say good luck. We don't believe in luck we're rational. Thank you my friend cup. Bless you bless you be lens live live that baby right up off the ground span so long for a ready album. I wanna give away copies of atheism dead. you do. But i can't because it doesn't come out until october. Nineteenth and the publisher will shoot me. But they don't listen to this program. So i could do it. Here's what i'm going to do. I'm not supposed to this. I've only got only a handful of these copies right some holding one in my hand now. It's a gorgeous book. Prices twenty eight dollars. I think amazon has it for twenty five dollars. I think baker if you go to the link on my website eric. Metaxas dot com. I think they've got it for fourteen ninety seven. That's forty five percent off so we want people to pre-order it if you joined the launch team will send you an electric copy but but but if you want this book that i'm holding in my hand mailed to you sign to you if you give twenty five hundred dollars to eighty tax deductible now folks i know they're folks out there who can do this Easily enough this is an extraordinary organization. They're fighting for religious liberty. I don't see you get around knowing that without. Atf were dead folks. They are fighting at the supreme court. They're winning key cases of religious liberty at a time. Never before my friend. Hero chuck wholesome. We'll talk about religious liberty all the time and get thinking what's he talking about and as the years have passed. I have understood the threats to religious liberty whether it's vaccine mandates Whether it's telling you what you can and can't say on campus. Whether it's telling you that you must use somebody's crazy pronouns or else you'll lose your job on and on and on and on if you don't care about that stuff you're not paying attention. It's your duty to care about these things. So i want to tell you. Eighty f- fighting for you. You have to go to our website. Metaxas talk dot com. That's the radio website. You'll see the banner for atf. Metaxas talk dot com..

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