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There's something I heard you talk about which I've tried to. I've tried to share as a broadcaster and I probably and I learned it as a player, but I probably learned it maybe a bit too late. There's a difference in the role of being a starting point guard a backup point guard, and you know the Matthew del of a dove 'as the the Scott Brooks, the Darren collison when was a backup with the clippers. Like to tell me if I'm wrong like you Patrick Beverley. For example, I guys like man, Patrick Bev is like borderline dirt. Like you have to be. You gotta pick up ninety four feet. You have to change the tempo of the game. You got to be able to get out of the way and make an open shot, but also let the other guys play. It's a very, it's it's the same position point guard, but a completely different role. You're not trying to do the same thing. The starters going to do only for short a period of time, and I think it, especially for a guy like you and this is where I think there's a disconnect for fans. People that know you played in the NBA don't realize like dude, you're twenty four game in in college at a legit college drop in twenty four game and to, hey, I'm gonna score six game, but I gotta make every open shot. I got a guard. The other teams point guard who's probably a combo guard and that he averaged twenty five game in college and do it would be better against better competition in a much shorter period of time. Like that's a really hard judgment for players to make. It's one of the reasons that some guys might have more kind of upside and talent, but they can never be the backup point guard in the NBA because they can't change roles even though it's the same position..

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