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That egg on our face again. Again. And again. Russia at this point. Has a peace treaty with France, but they're struggling financially. The system of trade that Napoleon institutes basically forbids countries to trade with Britain. Russia disregards this order in trades with them, and there are some other territory disputes, but the real reason for the invasion is for one big tough guy to show the other big tough guy who's. So on. twenty-fourth, Eighteen, twelve, two hundred and eight years ago. Today Napoleon starts his invasion. Okay, all right. Does anyone else just think we should have to say history out loud a few times a year? As we all. Get getting. Square to recite it. Start to finish every year yeah. All wrap voting. A. Now, there's lots of different numbers for the size of the French forces. It varies between half a million to six hundred, thousand of seen even seven, hundred and fifty thousand. A this grand army is it's called. It was stocked up to last about thirty days with provisions, and as I mentioned before. That's really not much of a problem. When Napoleon conducted this kind of military activity in central Europe is, horses could live off the land. He's in for just a slight surprise in Russia though. You don't when we think of Russian president picture a fat Guy No. Such a dumb move going to Russia right away like that. Everybody knows you start with Australia there. There's another. And then you move over to Africa South America. Risk. The bridge. Army, the size is also an ecological disaster. I mean you have a military force of the population? This is a modern day Atlanta marching across the land. The lack of clean water pretty much immediately creates a dysentery epidemic. In fact, it wasn't the only illness that would wreak havoc on the French forces. They had to contend with typhus, influenza and Diptheria Oh and the elements and the lack of supplies, but we'll get there. Yeah, no to be clear. The guys who like died from Diptheria right up front the lucky ones. and. See so when I read your essay the first time I thought you, said elephants, instead of elements and I got like. Rose. Do Hannibal next week for you. I was I was pretty jazzed. Only time we've read an elephant. We killed it on this show. Right I don't think. We murdered at send. You know what that's what they did. To to have elephants anymore that guy from Brooklyn Brooklyn. Can't talk about it even though it's right in the room. And The rose army. The Russian armies led by Michael Andreas Barclay to totally now in the things I've read. They've shortened his name down to Barklay. So that's home and refer to him. He's in charge of one hundred, thousand, one, hundred thirty thousand Russian soldiers, so he's outnumbered about four to five to one and it at at a certain point, he's replaced by the czar, but really he's the reason that Napoleon fails that overconfidence and under planning and the fact Napoleon is French, but. One of the reason because he knew how to minimize disadvantages and maximizes advantages and the biggest advantage had was that. Russia is not terribly hospitable. Well I right, but like French rudeness didn't slow down the Nazis. Not Terribly hospitable. That is the nicest way to say shit whole country. I think. So the grand army. Starts this expedition in summer, so they're packed for hot weather, but they weren't prepared for how ungodly hot it was going to get. The heat on the trail was oppressive. They never give an exact temperature, but they use words like stifling an intense. The troops also weren't ready for the temperature swing between night and day the temperature drop like a rock when the sun went down in the army wasn't prepared for that the also not happy. Again. You know when that Sun goes down. Just a Russian. The temperature swings I guess were really dramatic. Like yeah, yeah, so it's really it's a dramatic swing. They also weren't expecting the thunderstorms that soaked the road and turned in a muck. Because a half, a million people walked over, so it might at this point actually saved us some trouble. If you just narrowed this down to what they were expecting owner. Who's just like what if it rains shut up? What Shoe Shara Pierre I saw? The thing was seven sunny. Smiley faces on. The. What do I wear? APP and it doesn't say anyth- coming like a long sleeved T. Forecast not even accurate. Now I'm going to bring one. I don't WANNA pack two Layers? Layers? Room for a second pair of shoes anyway, so here's a quote from historian Richard Ryan. Quote the thunderstorms of the twenty fourth turned into other downpours, turning the tracks some dire claim, there were no roads in Lithuania into bottomless Myers wagons sunk up to their hubs. Horses drop from exhaustion. Men lost their boots as soon as it was autumn. All the wagons became obstacles that forced men around them and stop supply wagons and artillery columns, then came the sun, which would bake deep ruts into canyons of concrete, were horses would break their legs and wagons, their wheels and quote go. You're making wars sound like a huge bummer. Alright well I guess while we pause for a moment of remembrance for all the lost boots that somehow made it into the. Little Apropos of nothing. His Eye Napoleon, Bonaparte. Emperor false and soon to be conqueror of A. Company telling them. Lucid Goose Yeah. Yeah yeah about that. Who Are you? I'm you I'm Napoleon like you, but without the accent from the. Is Ozzy future okay. Tell me. ME. What gloves await me after my. Inevitable and swift defeat of. You're right, so that's why I'm here. You Might WanNA rethink. A few things. Really like what okay so you know, we're French and we basically invented food. We like took over Spain, and the topics were just terrific. We mixing it up. To take cluster little. Z. Ham in Spain is worth it just for them. Yeah, yeah, so have you. Have you ever said these words? Hey, there's a great new Russian place that just opened up. No no I have not. Not Necessarily Jira. Well! You're saying you're. You're planning to feed your army on Russian land scraps. You might want to look at.

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