CNN, Monuc, Hilary discussed on Rush Week in Review


The recent contentions made the by me first robbie moke this was monday cnn's news room poppy harlow one of the info babes cnn was speaking speaking with monuc he was hilary's campaign manager and the subject was what the democrats strategic should be for the two thousand eighteen midterms and poppy harlow the imphal babes at robbi uram master at running campaigns the remembered all these people lost game they lost the donald trump they lost the somebody who according to michael wolff wanted to lose they lost to somebody who they ford was going to lowe's they lost to somebody that they didn't think possible can win and yet robbie you're a massacre at running campaigns what do the democrats need to run on this is heartening to me they want to consult the losers about strategic read for the two thousand eighteen midterms so robby what a democrats need to run on can they run in the midterms on russia russia russia anti trump anti trumpers do they need more to really win i don't think the russia investigation is a winning message here reuters are they watch and they look to see what your priorities seem to be what you're spending our time on what you're focuses where whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute further though last year and a half this has been hit this has been the reason you're going to impeach trump this has been the reason trump was elected that the election was fraudulent that the russians cheated that trump co loaded with him that hillary got screwed out of the election it was hers and now i don't think the russia investigation is a winning message remember now these people have their own internal polling data and they trust you and i may not anymore but they do they live and die by these polls so obviously their internal polling daily as telling them to this thing there's nothing there they don't run on the they can't win on this and the reason is that there isn't anything there fogs they haven't been able to produce a shred of evidence and i don't care how low information the lowest low information motor is out there the lowest low information voter can still figure out that trump's still in the white house they haven't found any evidence to be colluded all it is is a bunch of allegations or here's mokh the brilliant architect.

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