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You know crossing the street changes everything what is it about winter two that's kind of fine because from what i understand the locals really love that's when they left to go check out the vineyards this is the time to come to napa right now is shameless but we're wicket wearing it is the time become you know eat is quiet the tourists haven't really started coming out and so you know the summer and fall of course everyone's there but this is a great time to come out and a wine still wet the wine is still and it's still beautiful of their it's always beautiful area something about that too how much wind you guys may come out of cases we do about thirty thousand cases wind decentsized now yeah we're we're it's not one of these crazy mondovi silver oak kind of things are doing hundred thousand geza time as is it how much gets to like restaurants how much gets to retail while let's that's a great question it's probably more to retail sixty forty may be it depends on the wind that we're talking about a fair amount of the goes through the taste room in our wine clubs who your zoo napa blend brothers one that goes retail the us more and notes or more higher and stuff well on the napa cabernet arm you can find that by the glass in some nicer upper and restaurants near the price point is sixty four dollars for napa camp so that's a maybe a five dollar glass of wine and restaurant now and and and and where the next the blended then and the the stake sleep would settle bottle the this britain cigarette her in front of me stag's leap sells for one 25 a bargain at any price carol i'm just saying if you could only try it and make a humming had the glass and wait i'm not gonna say competitor because i'm going to be nice even though have their wine red wine we do have it good luck nice to talk with you michael bonallack he is winemaker general manager pine ridge vineyards at everett cory johnson in our bloomberg 960 studio in san francisco their base by the way in napa valley california kit time to check them out here in the winter this is bloomberg radio connecting decisionmakers to a network of news and financial information 24 hours a day.

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