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If i were kendall wash. Tonight's episode kendall matter lived experience. I would fucking hate. Joe and i guarantee that kendall's friends are also like i fucking hate that guy and like just totally like all around him. I just feel like he was so callous when she was like pouring her heart out and i understand that he had to be definitive. He's moved on and he made a good point. Like if you had a moved on. Why didn't you say anything until now but they dated for a really long tie. Yeah and he acted like it was just like a fairly inconsequential relationship. That was over and he'd moved on from then at the at the you know the gathering whatever that was he's like i'm learning that relationships mean more to me are i think he said i've been here before and the relation. Lots me but i'm learning that maybe this one means more and it's just like he's already put the knife in her out he's twisting it and i was just like fuck you do you have to and i just saw. That made me so mad if i were her. I noticed that rational but like whatever the heart not rational. If i were her i would be so pissed and i'd be like do i really not mean anything to you. Just move on for some twenty three year olds. I would just like us. Serena's age against her. Even though that's not fair either. I would just be really fucking pest. No and i would not discount your animosity towards and tim because i think he does deserve it and at the same but at the same time it's like if i were serena i would want him to say of course you know what i mean so i think that was. I mean he's like here's the thing. His relationship with serena is in as solidified as his was with kendall because they spent like a year or so in the real world together. So it's been it's so there hasn't been on a two years that's true. Okay so there you go. And if i were serena i would definitely want him to say those things and i think we say things in the heat of the moment that maybe aren't i don't wanna say aren't true but are are nice to people that were with or a nice to people the money i totally i mean. Here's the thing. Am i a fan of grocery store. Joe i mean i literally i was telling my producer producer dylan burkey about. I was like you know what he's like. He's like that moment in arrested development with michael. And he's like her. It's an knows on planes face. Hem him seriously. I know it's like everyone's lowering their standards for grocery store. Joe and i truly do not get it did tell me that joe is very funny. But i don't know there's coming across and there's plenty of funny people in the world like i don't know it's he's so much funnier than your regular funny guy. I just i. Just don't get it. And i know my heart really hurt for candle. I just feel like. I mean it's sadistic having to live through washing your acts making out all day with a different woman when like you still have feelings in fact that kendall state as long as she did also explicable is honestly explicable. I've no excuses. I feel her pain. Because we you know this is how you feel the pain for these. These gals talks. Like what are you doing. But at the same time i get it but at the same time what are you doing like i just i of all people like grocery store joe. I don't believe it. I voted more time. There's two things that have happened. My life that i never foresaw happening. Okay what is the number of times. I've been to las vegas which is like somewhere in the neighborhood of ten. I would go to las vegas. That may occur again give. It's truly embarrassing. When i went to the backstreet boys twice league. Four times different. That's different. I feel like i don't know how to gamble. I've never gambled it all but like they're cool magic shows. There's the backstreet boys ten times. The other thing i didn't foresee in this was talking about grocery store. Joe this much. I truly cannot believe it was like who cares about this guy. And also he was offering dancing with the stars like abc. Did this let's wait. He white rubber that. I don't really see did. This didn't happen out of nowhere. This is someone's plan rap millis. You did grocery store on us. And i will never forget last name on kendall before we move on. What a powerful company. Yeah seriously. it's the house of mouse. Trust me i know. Yeah kendall. I then could. We have gotten three seconds them talking to each other before tonight's episode like now well they they had talked a little before. I remember them like kissing. Maybe yeah they made out sorry seriously. I don't think we heard them talking to each other at all. I'm not joking. Well no i believe you. I believe you. Because i was also like wait. What you're doing. The mental math was in poor poor. Ivan i know. Who do you think it's gotten the raw deal the season maybe erin really. I mean either. Aaron is a piece of shit or he's gotten the rest deal interesting. What's the case for their osteo. Well what. I mean the fact that like tammy left him for thomas and then chelsea seemingly left him for i was like damn this guy has had people make out in front of him twice that people who thought he was in a decent relationship with. Is that not clayton. Chelsea is gonna pick. Oh that's hard. I don't i don't i don't know i don't know who do you think i really don't know either. It's up in the is erin. I don't think well if she does not sell together because he's like super san diego and he's and she's just like work. Okay okay good for her. San guys are not seem to seem to thrive on the bachelor. We've had a lot in the last two seasons there have been a lot. Yeah i feel like it's just like closer to filming but yeah well it's also just like a little removed from la so it's sort of like their camera ready but they're not like meg influencers yet. That's so true it's like okay. We know that you don't have. Imdb yet yes. You probably don't have a real yet. Maybe a couple of years but yeah not yet. Yeah exactly insurance real available to go on. tv your real estate and you're transferring to the like exactly then you can be on selling sunset. Let's talk about what else happened. Ms episode. I just wanna say grocery store joe. Few on behalf of all runs to ops their acts. Make our someone else. Just sucks again. It's not rational everything. Joe did super defendable. It kendall inexplicable nonetheless grocery store joe but at the same time one. He didn't really defend natasha on the night that she needed defending and two. It was like this guy doesn't have he. Has maybe one sense of humor. Because i thought like maybe for a flash of a second actually everyone wants final. Final note on grocery store Not only did he. Not give kendall the type of validation i fill. She served his ex. He took the socks and sandals to a new level. He was like the gray. Jim socks with red adidas sandals okay port and i was just like that looked so uncomfortable. There's gotta be sand like in your socks and it was just super explicable. Obviously he must have a weird thing. I don't get. I know i noticed that too. 'cause i know before he was wearing like the the barely there socks and then he took it up and i was like okay. That's a choice but all right was like a choice. you might have to- fungus. You heard it here first programming. Kelly's office speak. She'll be back soon. Her song takes iconic south.

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