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Three eight one three one one that's eight seven seven three eight one three so why all of a sudden is brek cavanaugh the second coming of oliver wendell holmes and don't get me wrong i mean listen if we end up with brett cabin filling the kennedy seat on the supreme court is probably a wash probably an improvement perhaps at least for the short term it certainly hadn't shoulders above you know whoever hillary clinton would've put up there god knows cecile richards i think the former retired ceo of planned parenthood would get the seat of hillary clinton for president so no you don't get me wrong i recognize that it's a net plus right and let's face it this is sort of the swing seat right so so getting someone who's a little more solid than kennedy is definitely a net bonus getting gorsuch in there to fill scalia seed is pretty much a wash it's the next seat that's the game changer right it's it's it's it's the ruth bader ginsburg seat that we're all waiting for that's the game change that makes the biggest difference of all but this is a thirty year decision we're about to embark upon and why brett cavanaugh is suddenly you know the only choice i'm not quite so sure except for this let's put the pieces together for a moment and i'm larry o'connor sitting in for mark levin here on the mark levin show i do afternoons on wwl in washington dc and and and i will be the first to admit that i'm doing what i hate when i see from pundits on cable news you know after a mass shooting or something we don't know anything but let's just start speculating let's let's start fitting our own narrative into this well well i'm not i am going to speculate but i'm not gonna do it without some level of circumstantial evidence to lead me to a conclusion that could very well be the case if cavenaugh ends up being president trump's choice i think that it doesn't necessarily fit in the pattern of donald trump's choices for other positions not just neal gorsuch on the supreme court but also in some of his cabinet selections as well see president trump is a bold man he likes to make bold statements he also likes to tick off all of the right people and and that's why in keeping with that pattern it would be amy coney barrett who he would choose this is a woman first of all selecting a woman goes a long way for this president in terms of symbolism in terms of pushing back on the narrative that he is in some way antiwoman or in some way his white house is not open to the idea of women advancing and she's also a devout faithful catholic and she has a clear track record as a professor a law professor at the university of notre dame and now for several months on the bench of of giving us some pretty solid conservative positions she's actually not being afraid to lay down on paper exactly what she believes unlike most stealth justices or law professors who try to keep their options open sadly because of the bork era we've had some great minds who were afraid to actually tell us what they think because if they did that would keep them from the bench and not necessarily the case with barrett and i wanna play a little bit of of her confirmation hearings for getting her a circuit court judge a position or excuse me her appeals court position last year dick durbin dianne feinstein basically suggesting that yeah the problem with you is that your catholic that's bigotry right there that's the person that would be in keeping with trump style with his personality so if he comes up with capital what's it foot well here's my speculation what do we know we know the kennedy surprised a lot of people by announcing his resignation we know that the smart money said that he wouldn't do this because he wouldn't want donald trump to replace him because that would put his legacy at risk and that.

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