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Thought you were moving to? Is this what it looked like in your mind? No, not only is it not the Idaho I was expecting. It's not the country anyone was expecting. It's a country that's becoming more diverse. Racially, ethnically, and one where people of different gender identities and orientations have over time been able to live more openly. That's NPR's odette yousef, who's still with us. So odette, it sounds like even if there had not been a U haul full of white nationalists on the day of that pride event, there still would have been a big story unfolding in Coeur d'Alene. I think so wanna, and it's worth noting that the patriot front arrests wouldn't have happened if a concerned community member hadn't seen those men loading into that U haul truck. And when that person called police about it, the police had already had weeks of working closely with community members and organizations to be primed for this kind of a threat. You know, it's really kind of similar to how Victoria Keenan was the single person who's experienced decades ago brought down Aryan nations. You know, if she hadn't been able to tap into a network of organizations that were primed to uphold the law and track these threats, things might have been very different. All right, NPR's odette youssef, thanks so much. My pleasure. You're listening to all things considered from NPR news. And at 5 18, you're listening to it on 90.1. I'm Jim burris, it's a pleasure to have you along on this

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