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Right well before we move on one quick note here there's a guy named Johnny that listens to Cape K. an Irish guy by the way past lives you any sit right Sinise's Norman Greenbaum yeah is a chicken farmer in Petaluma and we want to get in exactly if it's true exactly you got an arm is written bomb on the show I want to farmer for my new band the Petaluma checking by Norman burying ball today wow it can say that band name on the year unlike some other incarnation we're we're out of here we appreciate all of generosity of pap the in terms of our eating online from now all well okay say why am I here of course yeah I'm I'm in this Beatles project that is a non profit by the way and tomorrow night we're playing at the hair center in Folsom Friday were at the leisure centre wanna create Saturday night or at the crest theater and it's Abby routing and magical mystery tour in its entirety with a bunch of all kinds of people what do you sing and Maxwell someone that now I'm do what one June strawberry fields and golden slumbers and here comes the sun I'm fine I want to go anyway great saying good for years so we will make sure we will see you on Monday Seattle Yano is with me tomorrow and Friday afternoon Hey on the KFBK afternoon news at four four seasons of the day's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings seven sixty hello to the Wednesday night news ninety three point one share began on your free I heart vice is it filling in for candle get better candle we miss you this will be the anniversary plainly the Zeppelin here here the glorious drums of one legendary drummer John Bonham on this date nineteen eighty at the age of thirty two years old he died in it virtually bringing an end to one of rock's greatest and still regarded as one of the greatest drummers of all time much respect the John Bonham died way too young so paid tribute tonight to.

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