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The first down by three yards but it got a good shot give it back he did and it'll be third down in three now for the gamecocks is they go right to the line there in the pistol again three receivers foot due to the right bentley looking with the sidelined getting a new one the running backstays behind him in the pistol that way i still give you could running back and he tries the middle and he will not know where he actually loses back to the forty five yard line and it'll be a fourth down and the interior of that michigan be continues to play well nor for bush in on the stop first man there and it'll be fourthdown m four for the game counts i think we ought to make the michigan defense play the south carolina defense right now though other guys gather will in the game let's let them have added three michigan the minute forty love to play in the half clock running what brings have to their timeouts left people's jones standing at his fourteen yard line to receive trump gets his step it's good one high kick short people jones comes are always ways interfering with ten that make the character and there's a flagged down and michigan will get a break here all yet donald people's jones very clearly waving the fair catch signal he had to come up to get to the football and he was wacked by a south carolina coverage guy it looked like the long snapper ben has perry was the guy who ran into him as he was calling the fair catch the flag is that the twenty seven yardline let's see whether the ovary get over here reported five cooking too but to yard penalty herself big huge you're right jim that was aired snap raspberry big spelled lawyer in yards through that which will take.

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