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5 minutes. Okay. You want to hand out our business cards drunk? Hey. Hey. It's in the podcast. Michael over better. Right. It might go redder. Or give them to you this week. Oh, yeah, yeah. I have a lot. Oh, I have plenty. All right. I'm gonna need some before I leave. Okay. Ian, who has the better slaps, Stephanie McMahon, or Will Smith? Clearly, Stephanie. Yeah, 'cause she taught Will Smith everything he knows. Yeah. Hers are much better. Yeah. What's so bright, would you rather watch a two hour omos Lashley match or take her Goldberg from Saudi mania? On repeat for two hours, you're not allowed to kill yourself. That's the rules. They put that in there. I don't like these choices pass. I mean, I guess homage Lashley because we haven't seen it yet. Maybe. Versus Lashley or the worst match of all time? Yeah. This question is from med demon. If you were putting together an all time three man announce team, who would you go with? I gotta go with monsoon heenan and I actually think PAC McAfee would work well with those two. Obviously, if anyone says Michael Cole, I'll be canceling my Patreon. I mean, those are good, but you need to play by play guy. I mean, I'd have to go JR Lawler and I always, I mean, look, heenan's good, but you already have Lawler there. I'm thinking like macho man. I love when he did it. Yeah. JR Ventura and pat McAfee. Yeah, I would say JR Ventura and then but I guess it's hard to have two bad guy guys. JR and Ventura. Right, but who's your third? I didn't say my third yet. I don't know who else is a good Vince was always good too. Back in the day. Coach. Get out of here. Louis Torres. So yeah, Louis, let's say that Cody is in sets opponent at mania. Who do you guys think it could be? My guess is either Johnny Gargano or John Cena. Well, those are that's not happening. Don't get your hopes up there, Louis. Right. I mean, they just go back to Shane, probably. They just go back to Shane, or I mean, I said Adam to the main event, but they would never do that. Jake baker pushed fire berry worse match at mania, Knoxville versus Sammy omas versus Lashley, mysterios versus Logan Paul and The Miz. Like what will be the worst? Probably almost. No, for sure. Yeah. Absolutely. To be the worst 92nd of the night. Pick one each. Push for our very best match styles and edge, McAfee theory, Rollins and TBA styles and stuff. Yeah, push that. Casey Bailey, first time going to WrestleMania for me and second time for my husband, Eli, other than going to your live podcast and checking out the fan access store. What other mania weekend events do you recommend? Do you think wrestle con is worth checking out, by the way, we will still see you Saturday for live podcast. Wrestle con is definitely worth checking out. There's going to be a lot of talent there. My brother's Jeff sponsoring a table. He's going to have two wrestlers there. There's a lot of indie shows going on. Friday night, there's an Impact Wrestling show that looks to be really good. I want to be at that one. Multiverse of matches, multiverse of matches. Alan Kim it, what's the bigger work, Seth Rollins versus Jodie loads? Nice. That's great. Love it. Or Chris Rock versus Will Smith. Oh, there was not fake guys. Yeah. If you watched it, he was not fake. Why would he why would Will Smith do that to himself? Will Smith just thinks he's a piece of shit. By the way, that was the craziest shit ever. Ever since we were recording Hollywood hogwash and Eric's like, Will Smith just knocked out Chris Rock and we were like, what? What? Obviously you got that a little wrong, but it was just the excitement of the. Oh my God. The moment. But it's like he slaps Chris Rock and then 20 minutes later, he wins best actor. He should have been escorted out of the building. And then talks about how he's a vessel for love. There's a TikTok that my son showed me where it's like, and the best actor is and it says like Andrew Garfield that he looks at Will Smith, the most myths like Will Smith. I'm leaving. Keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth. That's what he did. That's what he said. Now comes out that she has alpha, which is not cancer. But still, it's a condition. So you know what I mean? Yeah, but it wasn't a good joke. It was a GI Jane joke. Yeah. And it's not like Chris Rock knew that she had it. No, you don't hit someone. That's the bottom line to everything. You do not hit someone you address it later. You make them apologize. Yada, yada, yada. But to walk up and hit somebody. And Chris Rock, how about that motherfucker? Takes it like a champ. Yeah. Stays on stage. And by the way, we'll Smith is like ten feet from him. The whole time. After gives out the award. Yeah. Like trooper. Right. Not bad buddy now. Wouldn't have done the joke, but not bad to stay there, do it. There was a meme. Dan, Will Smith. There are so many great jokes like because Jada has been openly like having sex with like young rappers lately. Right. Like he should have been like, damn, you slapped me, but not this August, whatever rapper guy. Yeah. All right, moving on. I know there were so many other jokes he could have done to them. Well, after he got slapped, he was like, Will Smith just slap the shit up? And then he goes, oh, I get old. Like he wanted to say something else. He was a professional. Hans the moment heart pushed fire berry in episode of raw with no promos? No video packages or no wrestling. Clearly fire the no wrestling one because. Push no video package. Yes. Shorten the show to like two hours, 100%, ten minutes. Mitch tar, would you ever consider recapping WrestleMania 25? You have the greatest match ever. And entertaining hearty versus hardy and a great money in the bank match. Yeah, we probably do that. Eventually, yeah. Once you get to all of them. Nathan Smith, would you guys rather see Chris Rock versus Will Smith or The Rock versus Vin Diesel as a mania match? Diesel. Come on. Just assume. Just a family. Rock squash Vin Diesel in 5 seconds. Oh, it's not a real match. Oh, it's not a real fight. Ian mcallister wasn't just me or did you feel like there was a chance Rollins was going to be in the unified championship main event when Vince asked make your own main event, wishful thinking, that's true. Yep, yeah. Chris not Cole. I have been super sick all week. Did Sasha and Io fight at the thunder Tokyo dome or did I have a fever dream? Yeah, sorry, bro. I don't think that happened. No. I mean, it'd be great if it did, but sorry. Alex for disco over under four weeks before veer is going after the 24/7 title. Four weeks? Yeah. Four hours. By so long. Two hours. Right. Omar plot twist, The Fiend returns a WrestleMania and kills Seth with his hammer. Don't count on it. No. No, no, no, no. Stephen Freeman, why is it that Big E gets hurt? WWE doesn't tweet about him. Then I saw Bianca gets a fake injury and they treat it like it's the real deal. I mean, yeah, because that's kayfabe. It's like a serious thing. I hope he gets better, obviously, but Albert. Bobby Ruth's theme song, Gloria's domination, I think he meant Bobby Roode. Glory summation is my phone ringer. It makes me sad every time I get a phone call, what do you suggest I change it to?.

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