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No based on everything we have seen and everything these reports and everything i've seen the judge asked told the district attorney that he's going to be busy getting his daughter into treatment and that she should just be defaulted and it was other judges in the western district court that got involved obtained a lawyer for her and impounded the report not him so i i they said anything i see and judge people didn't make a call he was called and asked what was going on and he said i'm trying to get her a lawyer that was it but his best friend got involved in his best friend the judge who's a fellow campaign contributor to two former lieutenant governor tim murray right absolutely absolutely yes judge well i mean the campaign contributions i don't know about how you doing but yes judge alad madeo started acting as a lawyer for the criminal defendant and you cannot be a friend and end the judge you got to be one of the other and the unfortunate part here's is a number of judges in the worst of just to court does not act as bill judges here so you're saying that his friend acted as a lawyer for the criminal defendant so where is he gonna be added to the to the lawsuit no no because the.

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