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She had the better championship. Run this year. stop better last night. What was what was the match with charlotte that you're remembering being great. Her match match shala was osama slam and that was better. Which match was that better than all the all the matches was shot that had this year. What about rianne charlotte wrestlemainia last year. That was lou. That was cool. I i don't know what you watch. I truly don't know lunch. I don't like listen. The the we all agree the rea- character has not been handled. The way we'd like it to be and she has worked to do but like her physical abilities and what she could be iran by the way. And i don't want to sit here and potentially potential. No right now. She's potential. It's like it's light. Airing not living up to her potatoes like comparing you know a trevor lawrence like a rookie. Who you know is phenomenal. And no they're not perfect yet and another young player on the team. Who's really good. And they should be on the team for a while. But they're not trevor lawrence like that's that's i i'm not saying she's like Nicky shouldn't be w superstar laker a lot. I think she's super talented. I think she's out. There's fun role for her to play there. But i think with rear ripple you're still talking about someone who could go on to be an all time great you've at this point. Not not if she not if she keeps stumbling stumbling through promos like this and snuggle stumbling through promo. She can't even she accent accent. She speaks english accent. Oh i will say this okay. that's eugene. You're absolutely right last night. Thank you hold on. One thank you. Yeah nikki nikki. In a an essentially what was a. Psa did a better job than rear ripley if that is the reason that you think she's a better superstar than ripley. You are out of your mind. You is consorting now. Because i gave you other reasons the psa being the most recent one you listen hold on hold on. You argued against what i was saying about the psa without even hearing it and then heard it and offered a light. Backtrack not backtrack not not backtrack relevance. That's relevant of you are you are the contortionist you are the contortionist this is. It's how irrelevant. It's what we were talking about. It's literally about us you're acting. Ls all steve austin. No no no not. she's not stone. Coast the voice. So so so i wanna give fire ripley. How about this. See nikki delivers a much better. I can't call that. A promo but in speaking moment was a much better speaker than ria. Ripley's no problem. That does not mean that she had better more memorable matches with charlotte. Then we did no one but you.

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