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I love apple their team axes pretty fun to watch so philly in the playoffs always makes it a little exciting i mean obviously things things can change completely that if you look at it right now they end up playing believe washington in the i know they'd play they'd played tampa in the for know who they play an idiot they'd put washington right at washington in the first round so i mean it it's it's so undecided in terms of like the metro you know those teams columbus pittsburgh and washington could all still win that division so you can't really pick who would play who yet but just having philly in the playoffs kinda creates a little fun i believe so as much as i'd like to see them lose and knock it in it's still great having the flyers apart part of the part of the whole mix and come springtime permit april matt i'm season speaking of master season the plus minus the green jacket commies favorite award is coming right down to the stretch right down the stretch so that'll be interesting see who ended up taking the league wide race for the green jacket and a plus minus part but it's always hilarious does the at the end of the race jacking up plus minus i don't know if you've taken if you take a couple hundred all wits i looked smarter tampa base while on one side still the chalk it plus three fifty but boston nashville pittsburgh all four to one vegas plus five fifty winnipeg nine one washington ten to one then the rest of the field so i mean there's no no real value out of any of those teams i mean have you throw it any any additional stanley cup that's the last last couple of months or did you stick with what you put it at the beginning of the i've i've just stuck with the nashville anaheim futures and i'm kind of rattled because anaheim's even higher than they were when i when i miss back i think i think i got him at like seven qian's and one and i loved it i was talking around that and now it's like twenty five with them.

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