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The things that we internalize our so you know like the most loving well-meaning at mike generous parents ever and still i picked up on these little things where i was like. My mom's only ever told me. I have a perfect like my body's perfect. There's nothing wrong with me. But i see her dieting. And i'm like well there must be something. The grownups aren't telling me and so really kind of unpacking my own story for my own benefit of like. How did i get to wear a got. And i can spoiler alert. Where i got was developing really obsessive food thoughts and body thoughts and you know i basically had an eating disorder without realizing it Which i thought was also important to go into because that's so common. Because of how disordered eating is normalized in the western world and dia culture makes it so that it's not weird. If somebody council their calories and has food at the forefront of their mind and you know it's all these normal things like. I thought that i was like. Oh this is what hot people think about all the time right like there's no reason why people just be like conventionally hot without thinking about and which is hilarious because everbod. It's hot like it's like. Oh you're just an erotic beaten by being it a human body. But that's neither here nor there i mean it is it's here and there a giant so basically nice for me to be able to unpack some this because i'm like. How did this happen. And then eventually. I developed a full-blown what i considered an eating disorder with bulimia and with that even though i had had disordered eating behaviors before that time that was the first thing that for me registered as like. This is not okay Even though it wasn't an overnight fix of course like that's probably one of the biggest tenants of this journey that i went on in the story that i tell it slake. I'm not holding anything. I'm not like oh and then i recovered like there's not. I don't even think the end of the book is like and now i'm perfectly allied okay. This is an evolution of how i relate to myself. And that's what i want to communicate to

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