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Okay hey but hey i hope we gave her her name okay why don't we gave her some good ideas and well wait a minute it was it was for guys oh general women to help guys say you ladies how to help guy to be just go listen to episode one case i gotta put that back up matter of facts this is the anniversary i'm going to repose the very first oh i know the first one throwback special i atoms at right launch party episode okay i'm gonna put that back up for the anniversary so look out for that guy's launch party episode and that'll let you ladies know this too that from checkout growth since then yes yes in better so hey so yes people back to episode one before we go that far just yet they users this yet but yes so it's i verse are we'll be back to you so we're going to give back to back episodes so be looking for this one on tuesday and then there will be another one the follow into memorial day special memorial day special we've been gone but we back and we back strong just to give when you podcast i'm your point oh king johnny o h underscore k in scored johnny next to me is when when when it called me little baby little my instagram twitter and you local movie theatre little ones who's the next to got author of hypocrisy in america available on amazon dot com you can catch me on instagram at you and use scott next to him is it should boy rip the spurs your gangsta catch me on greatest i am blow dot com instagram greatest i am dot blow next to him is your boys mother level when this drop i'll be thirty four so birthday to me until your mother brother and she can suck the cake off matt.

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