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Carry price. I just think about the the number of stanley cup. Save one. i think it's like twenty five. I think something like that. None of marie arista. None of them are raised in the last one was ninety. Three suzuki name right. Yep good yeah. Yeah he's on tonight. Margot's what about ottawa. Ottawa's next heskey. I don't know why but really an interesting why that's not one. I would have thought that you would have said big. I'm just still upset about how bad it was for us. Yeah yeah i mean. He was older and he was way past his prime when he came to dallas. So andy suck. He didn't suck that bad. Go back from that. At least you didn't have at least they didn't have pucks bouncing off of him and going into the net like jordan winded by but jordan was supposed to be good ski. Would himse was terrible. There are two people. I think of when i think about it. I think of eric carlson and how much. he's getting. Overpaid in san jose. I don't know why i made that connection to ottawa. but i did and then I also thought jason spencer because that's where he was for the longest time was in ottawa. So i didn't Him skied suspensive. Whatever why didn't think anything's who still beat me. Well shoot his next. We got two more debbie boo. Just because i actually thought of blake coleman with the erstwhile. Yeah they believe it or not. I thought blake blake coleman before i thought of kucherov point vassilev schools. Bishop who ever. That's about thing. Yeah yeah i guess. I guess it's true. True all right last one for tonight and we'll do the who cares who care segment. Toronto steve dangle steve dangle the poor guy team that is good enough to win but can't like what else does that team need to actually win a stanley cup to win a miracle. Yeah pretty much. The there's there's something about that team. They're they're the only team in nhl history to lose to emergency backup goaltender. How bad how bad is that. That's the best video ever. i love.

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