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I think presi thinks he has chipping on his staff or something he's like all tissues guys shoot three's. No problem. And it never seems to really happen. They just kind of get there. I mean, at least get Alex Breen us, whatever happened that guy and the he'd be huge for them in this series. I believe he had a personal personal never never really was elaborated on. But it's insane. Okay. See has one hundred eighty payroll and the can't have guys who can help. Shots. Also, Billy Donovan never trusted amrried us. Anyway, like you never really gave him over twenty minutes per game. So I mean, I'm not sure he would be significant impact player either. Despite the fact, he has a reputation as shooter Oklahoma City just hasn't been able to find shooters for team around superstar player in Westbrook benefit from having shooters. I mean, when they have they've been Breen types like Anthony Moro was the same guy the exact same player. It's crazy because like Hardin of all the guys who could survive without shooting. It's probably hard because he can shoot from anywhere and Houston still spreads before for him. Like, it's just I almost bad for Westbrook. Like, they're putting Bishen the fail right now. All these non-shooters charts. Danny mentioned that Portland is is the team that he's feels most confident of these four which one is yours. Gosh, man. I could see any of these four make even okay, see, I could see them figuring out home, man. I thought this is so wide open right now. Like that Denver Santona, Sears, probably go seven. I mean for now that will have to say Portland, they're playing great. I two games. Let's move on to the other side of the Western Conference backup. Of the the other side of the Western Conference bracket for the NBA watch of the night Houston in Utah play tonight in game two it's at nine thirty eastern on TNT game one you tied. The fended James harden of pretty similar way that Milwaukee did earlier this season by shading him to his on the left side trying to force him to go right charts. This something that the jazz can do moving forward or should they be switching up. All right now. We're at a twenty six minutes. Go again. When Rudy go bears not in the game. Let's just go small like what is favourite doing this kind of free. Anyways. I love to see like Thaba at the five. Switch screen may carton work for points. Like to me. I don't see why they're going big the entire forty eight minutes. And so you want the Utah to begin? Switching screens in situations where go bear is not in the game you want. That's that would be your what your who've is. I think so because like right theoretically, go bears. Good enough remnant actor that makes sense like move defense to support him on the floor. But it's not like Derrick favors gonna stop hard. And getting what he wants to go. I don't think here's my thing. It's like engage. I didn't watch game one live. I watched the following morning. And I said this the vernal yesterday on the show. But there are so many tweets about how pathetic the defense was against James harden. And like he did create countless open shots for the Houston Rockets. He got into got into the paint over thirty times during the game. And it looked easy for him. However, I do think there are some good things. That Utah was doing while ago. Bear was in the game. First of all they forced him into seven floaters, which is the shot. James harden, does not want to take he wants to take the step back three. He wants to get to the rim. He only took three free throws in the game is twenty nine points came on twenty six shots. I think they did a good job forcing him into floaters..

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