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So here's mine. I recently saw the favorite which is an artsy fartsy like Oscar bait movie with Emma stone and Rachel Weiss in it. And it is a great sorry. It's not just a soon. Rachel weiss. Also, Livia Coleman, isn't and she's fantastic. And it was co written. The script was written by woman. I'm Deborah Davis. Who wrote the script twenty years ago? So here's my take on the favorite. I saw it earlier this week, and when I Rainer theater theater. Okay. Went and saw a theater because I was like this is a movie about like female on relationships into our. And it also looks really beautiful, and I will say that it is worth seeing at the for like a lot of awards season movies are just sort of like I could've just like watch us on my couch. This is like CNN theater because the set is like opulent and the. Costuming is incredible before are great, and the acting is so good that you almost like wanna see their faces. Enormous because can you like everything they're doing fit to? Thank you. Yes. So definitely SUNA theater. I will say this my critique of it was that it was it felt too long for me. And the at the end I felt very claustrophobic and angry. But after I left the theater, I saw it with with Josh. And we were talking about it. And I realized that like the whole night for like hours, we were talking about this movie like that sort of movie, and I keep thinking about it. Now, I have like a movie hangover from it. It's an incredible film that involves like kind of women jockeying for power using their sexuality. But not in a way that is in any way for the male gaze and watching female sexuality interplay with itself with with other women and not have it be something that that's like. Oh, yeah. Men did this for for men is really really incredible. So passes the Bechtel test it one hundred percent, okay, choices. Character is. She's a force. She's amazing, Emma. Stone is always great alluvia. Coleman is funny. Like, the character doesn't have funny lines. But she deliver. She's just funny like this kind of hapless Queen Anne who doesn't quite not. He's doing the thing that I find really inspiring about it is that the co writer of the screenplay the screenplay is also really clever, and brilliant. There's like some incredible some of the best pussy jokes ever in my. They're very Larry the lead on that. They're very low key like there's one scene where they're talking about healing the queen's wound that is like this is a bus so funny, but Davis is a co writer she I wrote the script twenty years ago and has been working for twenty years to get the shit made. And it finally got made looks great. And she has some of the best actresses in the world involved. And it also is about sort of like the ridiculous of men. What's Jennifer Lawrence is X? I love it. That's how I know. His name off ski, no Nicklaus. Hold nicholas. Hold isn't it and he's fantastic. But he's. Dicusss? He is a ridiculous, man. The men are costumed really they're all very silly..

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