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We thank you for joining us I'm Rick fancied with Kim shepherd, Bill O'Neill, our editor, and here's what's happening. Christians could become a minority religious group in the U.S. by the year 2070. The Pew Research Center cites a decline in the number of Americans who identify as religious and an increase in those who are changing religions, the report predicts the majority of Americans at that time will have no religious affiliation. Highway two between index and gym is staying closed until at least Monday due to the bolt creek fire. The north cascades highway, by the way, that's highway 20. Now open after a mudslide closure near miss Emma. The line has been hours long for mourners to see Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state at the houses of parliament in London. The queen can do 70 years of service to this country. I can stand in a queue for 8 hours. ABC's James longman has been speaking with people who have been waiting 8, 9 hours and even more. When they get inside, no phones allowed, the line splits around the coffin and each person just gets a couple of seconds with her majesty before they move on. So all these many hours just for a couple of seconds, but clearly tens of thousands of people feel very powerful that they've got to be here from all over the world. The queen will be laying in state until Monday morning. That's when her funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey. It'll be about two 30 in the morning, our time, but we'll carry it here live for you on northwest news radio. And by that time, getting around central London will not be easy with the state funeral, more from ABC's time rivers. To break up the Russia thousands around Westminster Abbey, who will be heading home at the same time on Monday, public transportation authorities are urging people to alter their departures by doing things like killing some time by having lunch in town. Overcrowding will be a real concern on subways and mainline trains here after the funeral motorcade leaves Westminster and heads to Windsor. During the various Queen related events in central London this week, stations have seen a 9% increase in usage. Tom rivers, ABC News, London. The queen left some very big shoes to fill, so all eyes are now on the women of the British royal family to see how they step up. ABC's TJ Holmes and Amy rohrbach are in London. King Charles younger sister Anne, we've been talking about her over the past few days. The princess royal, she's known to be the hardest working member of the

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