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Student. Samantha Josephson who police say was killed when she got into the wrong car in the five points bar district in Columbia thinking was her Uber ride. She was. Of my life. Let Samantha's boyfriend Greg corbishley her father, urging students to travel in pairs group saying he believes his twenty one year old daughter would still be alive. If she wasn't trying to catch a ride alone. Early Friday driver of that car. Twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel Roland is charged with murder man shot and killed by our target county deputy over the weekend identified as Andrew Mason. Mason was shot when he attacked a sheriff's deputy who would stop to question the twenty two year old about a reported suspicious person trying to break into a home. This resident of that community east of Boone says the areas targeted by thieves because it's more remote. She was. They're desperate to get money to support their habit. I think that they believe that they are probably less likely to call and going in places that are out in rural areas Mason's, grieving father tells W S O C TV, they're having trouble believing his son would attack a police officer. The FBI is leading the investigation four-time, North Carolina. Republican party chairman, Robin Hayes has says complications from recent hip surgery is one reason why he's decided to retire from the position after the state GOP convention in concord in early June Hayes who was also elected to the US house of five times announced today he will not seek reelection to the party leadership post this year. WBZ news time four oh two. You know, it's a harder than ever to find a home improvement professional that you can trust to get a job done and have them. Do exactly what that like endorser on the radio said they'd do. So allow me to introduce you to past tech pros. I'm excited to work with these guys because Kelly and Frank grew up in this area. They know this are you sit in a room and talk to Kelly about pests and. Man. He knows this. He knows we started talking about neighborhoods. He knows neighborhoods before there were any houses on it. He knows what pests there are there. He knows how to get rid of termites. Termites.

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