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We should not be surprised that black people are being sold as slaves at auction in that north african country according to robbins philpott a canadian publisher and radio host philpott published an influential book on the us war against libya written by maximilien fort titled slouching toured sirte philpott appeared recently on the watching goshawks show on rte television he said the racist nature of much of the opposition to libyan leader moammar qaddafi had long been evidence we she is being drums of midnight late 1990s the market osce native clear that libya was committed to africa was committed african unity not was the founding meeting of the african union was in serious 1999 and the amount that meeting annan was attended by most of the african countries and he men in very clear that the jews during africa was based on three points we would own african monetary lock in order to enable economic independence of african countries ambi were put his money where the most one at say he invested billions in african countries in support of his idea of an african among refund many call african justice these of it will not be an international criminal court it will common charge africans it will be an african court in cases of or crimes against dramatically and then you talk about african security when wednesay's ensured by african troops than me known non african troops on the continent now this was a very important declaration widely support but within nydia ridden a year you're anti lock analogy blackout african riots among in certain areas of oblivion and could algae managed to them down but i would say about was new sign that there were people in our country pollster gadhafi polls to his supportive africa we want to use the money from the oil for their own insurance anger's eight hours of big a sign of what we're seeing now was already developing out in two thousand eleven when the socalled arab spring began you were already signs of racial state goading in the benghazi.

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