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Commercial flight terminal everett's paine field is ready to open this fall no matter what a new environmental assessment reveals that's what the developer of that new terminal is saying and komo's corwin hake has the update last week we told you about an issue that could delay the start of limited commercial flights from pain airlines want to launch twenty four flights a day but the most recent environmental review was based on the idea of only twelve flights a day we're now learning the faa will update its environmental review although the terminal timeline remains unchanged we'll be ready brett smith is ceo of terminal developer propeller airports he tells the everett herald he wants to get the job done by the book and he says all parties involved have treated the process fairly everybody's been working really great together with the county has been very fair and involved the prospect of commercial flights at pain sparked a decade of debate over additional noise and congestion the herald reports the faa has begun what it calls us supplemental environmental assessment it's unclear when the assessment might be complete corwin hake komo news us senator demands answers after being denied access to a detention facility over the weekend here's komo's brian calvert jeff merkley from oregon made a trip to mcallen texas to a facility that used to be a walmart store today the building is run by a nonprofit and houses children separated from their families after those families attempted to enter the country illegally decided to come out here and go up to the door and explain why i'm here and asked to america did call before making the trip asking for an official invitation he was denied but he made the trip anyway walked up to the front door and asked to be let in okay yes senator jeff merkley us senator is out front initially merkley was told someone would come out and talk with him but instead the police were called i've now been asked to leave the property and so i'll comply with that the senator hasn't commented on what he plans next the federal administration for children and families which oversees the nonprofit detention center also hasn't commented brian calvert komo news violence broke out yesterday during dueling protests in portland antifascists known as antifa and right wing groups including the.

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