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Bad under. That's a good call guarantee, if you're gonna bet the don't watch that game hope for the over and. Yeah. We'll take the over there Brentwood. He'll take it forty eight and a half that is his lack of the weekend. Let's go Saturday night Seahawks at the Cowboys right now. Dallas a two point favorite the over under is at forty three. This game will be on FOX come Saturday night. Joe buck Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews. Chris Myers on the sidelines. Are Westwood One crew of Kevin Kugler Jason Taylor and Ed word. We talked about it with the we talked about early with a big Walt Walter Jones talking about that tremendous run game that the Seahawks. Have this year Jiang said his tops in the NFL? Chris Carson has been great eleven hundred and fifty one yards Tyler Lockett team high in receptions, fifty seven Doug Baldwin has been great. But we know about Zeke Elliott tops in the NFL fourteen hundred thirty four rushing yards. Second in the league in yards from scrimmage over two thousand it's been. Quite the year for Zeke as once again. The Cowboys jank's are minus two I don't have a great deal for this game. I really don't like this game. But I've been riding Seattle for most of the season one some decent money on them. But the second mass GM again against the spread in the NFL this year. So I will take the two points and Seattle. Yeah. Once again, a reminder to people listening you don't have.

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