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Wanna do you do what you wanna do so I think in my view can you can. Cut away all this crap about what he really wanted he ended up with Sarah Palin because he wasn't strong enough to stand up against her and. I will tell you I was at that convention in Minneapolis Minnesota and I will tell you Sarah Palin rocked that, convention unlike anything I had seen since Barry Goldwater she walked it and at that particular time John McCain. Has a presidential candidate was aboard Factory Radio. KLBJ I'm Robert Wood topping Austin's, news general Austin Miller is assumed command of the forty one nation NATO mission in. Afghanistan he says he's looking forward to getting started and getting reacquainted with the Afghan partners I understand the. Reason we're fighting I know why we're here to export more murder attack takes his legislative panel looking at legal immigration was told by the hand of. The border patrol union at, the problem is just getting worse a west Texas man, has been fatally shot in a father and son face murder, charges over what police. Are calling a neighborhood dispute about trash Abilene police chief stand standard. Says police. Responded to calls about shots fired, and located. Thirty-seven-year-old Aaron Howard who died later in a hospital KLBJ radar weather watch. Mid seventies overnight I'm Robert would get news on demand and NewsRadio KLBJ dot com Computer execute twelve point four p. operation optimizing.

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