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The rear. View mirror. You know, we're having a good time. Brian McCain and Matt Casey on the other side of the glass. Wayne coffee, noted author will join us this hour talk to him about his book on the sixty nine Mets and really interesting stuff that and many meta later in the program on the jets draft what to expect there. We finally get the draft day Yanks with their injuries trying to get over five hundred packs and as well tomorrow, they probably will get over five hundred but then a nine game road trip and a really really depleted team. Based on the injuries flexing got bombed today for the Mets, and they sent him down and the nets, of course, losing this afternoon in Brooklyn one twelve one eight so not great news with judge getting hurt. Yanks, you know, the answer back to five hundred but they've had a very easy schedule. And haven't been able to take advantage of it for a variety of reasons most notably the injuries, and as we know and as we've said so many times the season is head of them. And I could say that a month from now and probably two months from now saying exactly the same thing that the season is ahead of them regardless of how they play between now. And then they'll never I don't think they'll ever be bad enough to fall out of it before, you know, July whatever, and I certainly don't think they'll have cemented anything by July. So these games are fun to watch. And I enjoy watching them, but their meaning is up to interpretation for sure because whether you want to believe it or not. You can always look back on these games. But the odds are you won't. In other words. There's when they're sixty games remaining. That's so many games that opportunity will be there. Like, I'm getting ready to talk the wing cough. You know, waiting coffee among the things about that sixty nine season. That's so impressive. Is that the Mets went thirty eight eleven the closed that season thirty eight and eleven. Now, obviously that's an anomaly, but the point is it's possible. So. Awful lot of baseball to be played even two months from now there will be an awful lot of baseball to be played. And it's important to keep that in mind Thomas Illinois up next on the fan. Hi thomas. Hi, Chris can put think out. I gotta weigh in on this workout topic. It's a great topic. I'm surprised it's not many more. But I did want to people frustrated I think it's not mentioned very much because people don't know what to say, they're like the professionals trying to fix it. Nobody's able to fix. It. Guys are getting hurt all the time. Well, that was that was gonna be my point short on this one is the guy I followed. Everyone is different. When he does we search on backs. Chris he goes to a slaughterhouse and gets a hundred and fifty fine fund a pick because they're all exactly the same. And if he tells you to do ten dogs and you'll do twenty well, then you're not going to get better right now. The main thing I wanted to ask you about what I want to play the game with you on this. Okay. I really wanna know your reasoning on the difference seems to be different. You Paul the masters that they don't charge six dollars for water yet you seem to cast cast. I the NHL when they go six minutes out of time out in commercial. When did I say that? Why would I care about how long they without a commercial? What are what are you trying to say? Well, I I think there seems to be good while you always seem to be done on the NHL NHL because they don't they don't promote their stars number one. And number two number two. Although although Brian made a good point to me about the fact that Crosby has one a lot lately. And Ovechkin won last year. There seems to be a latte like like Brian James has never losing four nothing in a playoff series. But Crosby just did to an island or team. That is not great is good. But not great those things don't happen in other sports. Most of the time when you have great players they make a difference in the NHL, you're able to negate those great players to easily for me. That's what I don't like about it. It is a complete crap shoot. When you go to the playoffs. And if I'm in NHL fan, I think that's great that everybody has. To earn it. But on the other hand, it's very difficult to promote stars. When you don't need them the win. They don't matter in the postseason a lot of the time. Okay. Sorry. No. No, no. That's why I called them because it seemed to be a, well, you know, the NHL they're more of a competition and in entertainment sports. Oh, absolutely. They are okay. And that's better for the sports fan. I mean, it's better. But there's so many people who are fringe fans of the other sports who are not fringe fans of hockey because they don't know anybody, and there's no more Mariel amuse anymore. There's no four hundred goals in a season. There's no hundred point defensemen. You know, it's not rai- board, and Al MacInnis and Paul Coffey. Those days are gone. It's a much quieter competitive two one three two league. And it's harder to to jump on. That problem. We. Part of the reason we'd never embraced soccer. Not enough scoring not enough stars people. Excellent. Yeah. Excellent. Well, my I actually said that if you sit this you once before the third fourth point players are so good now that they can shut down two stars day after nine salute that they can get in the ring any bigger, right? The ranks of the saints is always been all right, man. All you go. That's good conversation. There's no doubt. You know, there's no doubt that. You know that? The rank is small for today's players, and you can you can look back and see easily enough the average size of the NHL player in one thousand nine hundred seventy five or eighty as compared to the average size of the NHL players today. And with the rink the same size. There should be. There should be a correlation with lower score. And there is and obviously the goal is so much more athletic now, so much more of a complete athlete than back in the day. Kevin montvale New Jersey next on the fan. I Kevin how you doing good? What's I get a little bit into the? The strengthening dishing injury. So and so forth every talking about the four major sports every sport shoot app strength and conditioning as part of their program, and they do yes, they won't saying is it was one call that said that, you know, baseball players are, you know, Doug doing too much and that's causing injury. Here's what one of the biggest problems is what one of the biggest problems are as far as injury prevention and strengthening conditioning, number one is obviously should be switched is in many cases, position specific and more importantly players to civic, and but professional leagues believe it or not are resistant to change, and they are behind the most modern and state of the art techniques that are available today. And and if they would embrace those rather than resist those there's always going to be injuries. There is no question. About that. But I think that would be less if they would embrace the state of the art techniques that are out there today that they are resisting. And are you are you involved in training? Legitimation of professional athletes in my family and very close to a lot of state of the art trainers conditioners, and people that are now working on. Better message for the cure of the cure or the quicker concussions and re reducing the symptoms in a much quicker method. I am part of that. And I'm beginning foundation that that is is is going to get involved with that. But I don't wanna get into me. I'm just talking about knowing professionalize the athletics. Like, I do a lot of these people are using methods. I don't wanna say are. But there'd be hind the time. Yeah. Thanksgiving, I appreciate the phone call I have questions about how much rest is really proper how how much time should they actually be off? And then the length of the workout when they do have it. What should that be like? And do they take enough time off and the other question? I have is. Let's talk about what kind of damage can be done. Before you get the advice at the major league level as a fifteen year old to twenty year old athlete. Who've maybe not getting the best advice. How much carryover is there from that lifestyle and work out too? When you become a professional athlete, I wonder about questions like that Wayne coffee around the corner, we've talked Mets baseball on.

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