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Anything. I like I thought about doing this for honestly about ten years. It was in my head. I was thinking about it was like, I wonder if it's even possible, you know, he started getting something that this long and you've got seats behind the net and stuff off rods are getting really long. And so I didn't even know if it would actually work and so the entire time I've been like it's been two years since I started I don't work on it all the time. It's just something that's up in my shop play around with it when I have some time. So it's really was just a matter of I would do something and I would start building it and then I would say that doesn't look right and I would scrap it and then I would start so dead. Probably could have been done. I don't know half a year ago, maybe longer kind of just kept but I mean, I I spared no expense. I mean I cut every individual a pane of glass that goes around the rank. You know, I I made the stanchions between the glass probably the trickiest part and the most satisfying once we've got done was just figuring out how to get the corners around the, you know, the ends of the rag with the seats cuz there's so many angles of just like my brain was uh, and that's actually something that had the brought up in the last week's podcast. We were talking about the way the time when the Boston Bruins first played the game at the Boston Garden was was those uneven structures areas of the rank because it's constantly a wraparound kind of walk away. So you had to you had to basically build it. Well, let's just put it this way the the the technology back in the day wasn't so yep. So good. So they had to like build everything that went along with angles. But the way the way you did it just brought it back. So so good and what I really loved about it was your finished product and the way you got your back up camera into like the obstructive views because that's where my old man used to buy tickets all the time. And then we sit there for like a minute or two to see if we can actually see the game and then go up to the gallery gods and hang out up there. Right? Right. Well, that's the funny thing about it like I built it so it can be cuz it's so big I made it so it could be taken apart easily in case I wanted to take it somewhere or do something with it or if I have to move some day, right and that long shot was just a accident a couple of weeks ago. I had one of the panels off and I was turning around and I looked back and look at I got to get a picture that right, you know, it worked off that was one of the things I wanted to say to you is that I'm sorry that you didn't get to the so I have a question but also just comment. I'm sorry. You didn't get to go to the Garden because really the only thing like Mark you saying about the seats like I remember you suck..

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