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It's incredible is alatas spacecraft do this because you you have the sun i mean the sun is we have solar energy here on earth but in outer space you can have even more direct access this on that's very regrettable readily available energy sources italy sat we know how to harness true we know how to make solar rays and we have gigantic ones on board the safe so every all the power unsafe is generated through solar energy and we talked about they see sixteen sunrises and sunsets a day so about half the time there are in complete darkness so there is no son of so what you have is you have these great big solar rays that header generating power and then there's a bunch of batteries on board and the solar arrays it is charging out those batteries surrey time they slipped behind the earth again in there in nighttime those batteries are to supplying power to everything in but it's one hundred percent solar renewable clean son energy very jal solar energy and their massive frei is if i think it's they actually there so big and then produced so much power that actually they do half dead by kind of get rid of some of that power because that is kind of is a little bit redundant writing is one of them breaks like you still have enough power power we ain't you do have redundancy builtin redundancies one of our favorite words redundancy is a fancy word for backup plan he had at nasa we always via backup plans free backup plan so yet even if you lose we call empower channels you lose one you lose to you can still power the majority of all if you're systems on board and even going beyond that if you lose beano a much larger amount of power you can still power your key systems and everything he might just power down other things temporary while you fix the problem but.

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