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A great question Jesse David Fox welcome back to the OCHO. Hopefully you went and got some food. I know a lot of you. Listen at the gym or in the car or whatever and so if you were not able to get food apologies however being truthful with you I did not get food. Either so we're talking about Dak Prescott and the reported contract offer to the Dallas Morning News reported on Friday. And how it sort of stacks up against what we know. Nfl contracts to be currently in the year. Two Thousand and twenty so again. We found out last Monday from ESPN and the Dallas Morning News corroborated that the cowboys offer Dak Prescott. Thirty three million dollars on an annual average value basis for quarterbacks make more than that including jared goff so coming in low all right coming in low then we found out what the Dallas Morning News had that nobody else had was it. The cowboys are reportedly Offering Act Prescott one hundred and five million dollars in guaranteed money. Wow well that's a lot of guaranteed money. That's a lot of cheese goodbye. I think about how many things off the dollar menu. You could buy one hundred five million dollars. I'm GONNA guess like one hundred five million right. So that's a lot of money. However there are also three quarterbacks in the NFL that have higher total guaranteed money quipping greedy. Rj. Dat doesn't need to be so greedy. He should just take that. That's a good offer. It is a good offer a lot of money but it is not fair to the market rate and it proves the cowboys are trying to low ball deck. That's the reality of what? How can they be logo on an often? Three thirty three million dollars per year. Hundred five million dollars. He's lucky to even get that the realities of the market in the NFL are that these reported numbers are low. Balling Dak Prescott. Jared Goff Hunter ten million dollars in total guarantees Carson Wentz a hundred seven million dollars in total guarantees Russell Wilson one hundred seven million dollars and told her guarantees by the way both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz top Russell Wilson in total guarantees Russell's got embiid on total annual average value. Gets THIRTY FIVE YEAR regardless thirty three and a half and Wenski thirty two but both Joe Gov and Carson Wentz who many cowboys fan say that Dak Prescott is better than they both get more total guaranteed money or both got more total guaranteed money than back? Prescott is reportedly being offered from the Dallas Cowboys. Which is one hundred five million dollars? That's a lot of money it is. It's a lot of money. It's an incredible amount of money. I can't even imagine what that amount of money looks like. I think we all think about the scene in breaking bad with your Ryan laying down on it and everything but it is not fair to the market rate. And that's why Dak Prescott assuming these numbers are true that is why Prescott likely has not taken this offer because it is a low ball offer it is. It's the reality is low. It's coming in low. There's no question the Dak Prescott is better than Jared Goff. Jared Goff got more annual average money than the cowboys are reportedly offering back Prescott and he got more entitled guarantees than the cowboys are reportedly offering. Press Guy All the other quarterbacks aside all of them aside if you're Dak Prescott and you know beyond a shadow as we all do that you are better than Jared Goff. Why would you take a deal that is lower than his you? Wouldn't you'd be silly to do it? We all know if Dak Prescott was your son or your friend or your brother or some dude you just talk to once on the street wherever you would not advise him to take that deal because it doesn't make sense but if you take all that money you know it's going to ruin the cap it's going to change all this just because the rams gave it a juror gaffed Deck Prescott. I know it. Doesn't that sucks? The rams already kind of you know influence the cowboys and their financial situation with the top guerrilla deal. It was an. I've said this for a year now. I don't think that the Los Angeles Rams get enough. You know what we'll call it enough love for the Todd Gurley idea because it was that deal. That set the precedent for Zeke Elliot. The fact that Todd Gurley. Who was the first running back? Tatum in the first round and five hundred years when he went in two thousand fifteen to the then saint. Louis Rams the fact that Todd Gurley got his deal after the third season is what gave Zeke Elliot. All the leverage that he needed. Besides what everything you did on the field and whatnot. It's what gives it all the contractual leverage that he needed to sit out and force the cowboys hand. I The Los Angeles Rams are kind of putting the cowboys for the second time between a rock and a hard place it makes no sense for Dak Prescott to take that deal. If those numbers are accurate now we have to remember here. You know that last part if those numbers are accurate every party involved in any negotiation whether in this case it's the cowboys and Dak Prescott or whatever negotiation. It's team Maksim player. Y Every party has an interest in those numbers becoming public information. And let's think about it who would benefit the most and I'm not trying to come up with conspiracy theories or anything. I haven't been watching the new crazy netflix shows. Don't worry who has the most to gain in the court of public opinion by those numbers being released to the general public is a Duck Prescott always at the Dallas cowboys. Because there's only the two parties right. Those are the only two people that can theoretically benefit from this information going public. Now what is the benefit for Dak Prescott of these numbers getting out to the world that an NFL team likes to offer you that much money? That's cool I mean that is that is cool right at all and the notion that he is very soon going to be an enormously wealthy person that you know. Obviously he's you know he's done well for himself to this point but that's good. What is the benefit though for the Dallas cowboys of this information getting out to the general public the benefit for the Dallas Cowboys? The team the owner the front office brain trust that benefit to them is that everybody says Dakshina take that deal. That's a lot of being greedy. How DAX DECK TURNED DOWN. A hundred and five million dollars in guaranteed. He obviously doesn't want to help the team win. He's obviously selfish. That's the benefit. That's what happens. That's why these things that's why last year it was reported which at the time seemed somewhat absurd now doesn't honestly from a financial perspective. The DAK Prescott was asking forty million dollars per year. It it looks great on the cowboys on the team. When number like this team x is offering player y over one hundred million dollars in guaranteed money to play for them. Wow what a what. A great opportunity. That must be nice. That must be awesome. Yeah I mean obviously you know it's an incredibly difficult job and everything but it's the interest of the Dallas cowboys for this information to be made available to the public and I think that you should remember that when you start developing your opinion and I think the opinion here should be that this offer should have been made a year ago if this offer comes in a year ago and Prescott says no well then then maybe you know if your team greedy you have a little bit of a case because at the time that would have been in the club in the neck of the woods that makes sense. But now you're coming in low if if Dak had gotten this offer and signed it right before jared. Goff gone his deal. Guess what then it all makes sense and you know what if that had been the case right? Now we'd be looking at this number. We'd be looking at this deal and we'd be saying hey the got DAK Prescott for pretty fair mouth. It's considered jared. Goff went and got more money than that. Russell Wilson and you know what went Dak Prescott signs deal this off season if he ultimately on this offseason. We'll be saying that next year. That's the way this works. All right when Pat Mahomes into Shawn Watson and ultimately Mitch Trubisky because he's obviously best quarterback to ever live but in all seriousness next year. Lamar Jackson an extra again. Lamar Jackson and artists have the Baker Mayfield's eligible for Josh over for a deal. I mean there's all sorts details in variables to consider. It will look that small next to them. It was two years ago just two years ago. That Matt Ryan thirty million dollars on an annual average value basis and it was record setting. He was the first quarterback to hit thirty million dollars on that mark. Two years ago it will be the exact same. That's exactly what will happen with Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys. Which is why the sooner the better now again. It is Monday. March Ninth Tag. Deadline is currently Currently it's march twelfth and that's not changing but it also is worth mentioning get. There was a report over the weekend on Saturday. All you're doing this Saturday morning hangover it some. Nfl owners are actually helping the new CBA proposal. The one they agree to a whole body does not pass because they think they can get a better deal next year. It's interesting Don't sign this. You said it makes me want to sign a more right. That's kind of how that works. There are some theories and you know this is a podcast or a show. It's going to get political But just for the purposes of the point there are some theories that the Democratic candidates for president of the United States had something to do with this and so the owners now that some variables have changed in that particular area of the world. The now they feel a little bit differently. You know that is what it is. It is worth mentioning that if no new deal is reached that all. Nfl teams can use two different franchise. Tag The season the franchise tag in its entirety and the transition tag. It would greatly be who've the Dallas cowboys to be able to use both of those tax considering the fact that they have to actually three big time. Free agents So if they could prevent themselves at the very least from losing back Prescott or Amari Cooper by themselves time because they run out. That'd be awesome speaking of time. I had a fantastic time here with you on this fantastic Monday. I hope that you have the best Monday ever. You just have the greatest Monday of all time you know why because you deserve it we will see you magnon. My friends is always go cowboys and peace out..

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