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Forward. 9 45 and over to Dave Johnson. You know what a good season this could be bad nights and gold Darcy Kemper look, he's having a good season for the capitals, but last night, not so much. A four one loss in penguins, head coach Peter levy led Fox that whipped in there and he probably like another crack at him, but he's been right. He's been there for us all year and tonight there's some tough bounces. Yeah, they only had one goal from Marcus Johansson. Now, basketball. West on shell junior, he wants his team to keep it simple. You know, just move the ball, spread out. Times we get caught playing in crowds and I thought that was the lion's share of our turnover was the other night in Charlotte. I'm just trying to over dribble. Just get off of it in a timely manner and make the early pass easy pass. Big challenge tonight, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić in town, and the wizards will be wearing pink. We'll explain that in the next half hour. How about playing golf for a good cause and not losing your ball? Hosting a football tournament this Saturday east Potomac golf links point and benefits the MS society, but it's foot golf. Play with a soccer ball. So tee off, you kick off. Alex bearman is with district sports. You want to put your laces through it. As if you're taking a free kick or a goal kick on the soccer fields from the center of the ball is as far as you can. Again, trying to keep it on the fairway. Keep it on the fairway. But if you lose it, no problem. Do you still get your Mulligan? That's right. Very important. You can get a Mulligan, whatever you want. It as long as you support the MS society. I appreciate that. I appreciate district sports Federal triangle soccer club. You can find out how to register. And my story at WTO P dot com, I'd love to see out there on Saturdays. Basically, I'm lonely a weekends. Dave Johnson, WTO sports

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